Venus in Sagittarius ⚢ Dec 1-24

Dec 1 – 24, 2017

It’s time to ascend from the scorpion’s black cave. With Venus in Sagittarius, the supernatural scorpion whirlpool becomes a joyful bonfire. This is an exuberant, social cycle. Sagittarius moves up and out. Sagittarius is a spirited party: vibrant, spontaneous, carefree, groovy. This is a great time to practice hip-opening exercises and/or go hiking. Adventure is the cure for Sagittarian restlessness – I doubt you’ll be able to sit still!

Alas, work awaits us in the centaur’s forest. Sagittarius is a naive creature. Whether in love, in communication, in travel, a childlike force swirls and giggles. Sagittarius glimmers and gleams beneath the starlight, so that’s where he stays. If Truth abides somewhere cold or dark or desolate, he gallops away to the nearest star. We must resist the urge to flee! A few lines from Jelaluddin Rumi’s poem titled Tattooing in Qazwin: “Brother, stand the pain. / Escape the poison of your impulses. / The sky will bow to your beauty, if you do. / Learn to light the candle.”

Venus joins Saturn in Sagittarius. Together, they erase complexes which prevent us from living by our own moral code fully and honestly. Sagittarius likes to take half-baked shortcuts, but these never really end up being shorter. We will examine our willingness to learn, and our potential for expansion. In Sagittarius, we face and define blockages with the knowledge that, in so doing, the blockages disappear. Watch for the continued arrival of spiritual mentors, or just more Sagittarians in general. This is a favorable time, socially/domestically speaking, for natal Sagittarians and other fire signs. The rest of us absorb your luminescence in gratitude!

From a greater context, we see that the centaur archer is Capricorn’s forerunner. It is Sagittarius who prepares us for the sea goat’s art and architecture. Before we enter this earthen kingdom, we need to become our own source of light. It is time for a felicity infusion. But here’s where I crash the party a little bit: see, I want to tell you to celebrate life by going out, being social, traveling, everything that Sagittarius loves. However for practically this entire cycle, Mercury is retrograde, also in the constellation of Sagittarius.

From Dec 3-22, it is not a good idea to travel or make any kind of investments. It is also not a good time to buy new technological gadgets such as phones, computers, cars or anything which uses electricity. As Mercury is the planet of communication and travel, and Sagittarius also rules travel, this retrograde period is the worst possible time to travel. If you do, expect delays, cancellations, missing objects, miscommunication and all manner of challenging situations. And this is where I tell you it’s all good baby because you can just expand on the inside by learning about cool new things. You don’t even have to leave home. I recommend staying put in one place, saving your money and picking up a book. Dance around your room! Sing at the top of your lungs! Greet the sun! Hail the moon!

Open up with Sagittarius Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Sagittarius, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am light


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