Venus in Scorpio ⚢ Sep 23 – Oct 18

Sep 23 – Oct 18, 2016

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Venus in Scorpio is just as inspiring as she is challenging. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and rebirth, but we are graced only after the wounded heart, the spirit’s agony. Under scorpionic influence, Venus can be suspicious, beholden to compulsions, possessive, jealous, fearful of losing power.

I remember the day Venus entered Scorpio last fall. An energetic release left my entire face numb and tears leaking in my ears. Not until we break down do we break through. The scorpion unsheaths her stinger, poised to destroy, but just as Shiva rebuilds the world from utter ruin, so too does the scorpion. In the end, this transit is less about sex than it is Self-discovery. The passion we seek in interpersonal relationships is really intended for fierce Self-love: the most meaningful and important quest in life.

Drunk on sheer intensity, wants become needs. Scorpio’s mantra: I desire. The scorpion is driven to transcend. She stops at nothing to get her fix, whatever it may be. Venus in Scorpio is unsatisfied with surface living, extreme in her intimacy: singular, blinding, unstoppable, uninterested in small talk or superficiality. Scorpio lives beneath the floorboards, the psyche’s rotten well, the locked basement closet – but why? Diving to the bottom brings us to breaking point. Blackest black gives way to light. This is the scorpion’s goal, to find the edge and then careen at full speed straight into the abyss: renewal through obliteration.

Because Venus in Scorpio is so enamored by complexity and volatility, unstable relationships often suffer even more during this transit. With so many feelings and sexual/emotional/psychic energy, life might get messy. The scorpion feels more alive when there is a crisis at hand, drawn to all things morbid and aberrant.

Enter the heart and gut and you’ll find the scorpion swirling in a gigantic supernatural whirlpool. She’s a hot-blooded kiss on the lips, fervent, vehement, chasing her prey with all of her being. Twist inward, penetrate to the core, ask yourself what is the meaning?

This transit does not have to be arduous or streaked with midnight. It has the potential to be potent medicine for the blistered soul. This is a great time to work on the root chakra and any malevolent sexual energies located here. Heal to wholeness. A romantic partner can be of great help, but this is not necessary. If you are standing in the role of healer, be very careful not to absorb spectrals from your loved ones.

Venus in Scorpio is sharp, oil-slicked, gleaming phosphorescently from the cauldron. She clings madly, but her poison will not kill you. It will change you forever. Scorpio kneads us until we are pliant enough for the fires of Sagittarius, soon to come…

Scorpio hates feeling vulnerable, and yet, strangely enough, this is what she desires most: soul stripped naked, nothing left between her and Truth. The Goddess of Night enjoys shocking people. Let her be dark. Her words and actions are a performance, a way for others to see the witches’ dance within her.

Celebrate Venus with Scorpio Yoga.

If you were born with Venus in Scorpio, this is your Venus Return! To ascertain your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  get to the root


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