Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 🐐 Dec 18 – Jan 4

Dec 18 – Jan 4, 2017 Click here to learn about Mercury. Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the […]

Saturn in Sagittarius ♄ 2014-2017

Dec 23, 2014 – Dec 19, 2017 Click here to learn about Saturn. Click here to learn about Sagittarius. Since October 2012, Saturn transited fixed water sign Scorpio. This was a time of intense scrutiny. Here we examined the dichotomy of faith versus control. This was an exceptionally difficult period. We will rise up now with unprecedented confidence. Saturn […]