Mercury in Libra ☿ Sep 29 – Oct 17

Sep 29 – Oct 17, 2017

Mercury lives in the throat and mind. Libra smooths the crinkles of interpersonal chaos. With Mercury in Libra, we examine partnership. Are you surrounded by the right people? Break out of unhealthy relationships, be they romantic, professional, platonic or otherwise. This is a master class in Humanism and what it means to relate, to express, to co-exist. Be assertive. Step boldly, speak honestly. Who do you want to be in the great lattice of spirit?

Animals associated with Mercury include the rooster, ram, goat and tortoise. In Libra it is the rooster which shines from Mercury’s breast – proud, beautiful, poised. As ruler of beauty, aesthetic and art, Libra is understatedly classy and clean. She worships taste and quality. Libra falls right in the middle of the zodiac wheel. She represents compromise – meeting halfway – pacifying the polarity. But Libra vacillates wildly. As they say, the scales are not level until the very end. Indeed we must watch for acute indecision and poor communication. Though Libra hates rocking the boat, she does it constantly, unintentionally.

Under Libra’s influence we end up surrounded by others at all times, so we will have endless opportunities to release karma in the interpersonal realm, whether we like it or not! We might cling to illusion in order to avoid reconciling opposition, or seek validation at all costs. Remember that it is possible to accommodate others while still respecting our own needs.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of standing up for yourself. If you stay silent, you will be trampled. That’s the situation. Libra is ruthless and I do not recommend testing her.

One element of Libra’s identity rarely discussed is that of the mystical crystal-gazer. It is she who prepares us to enter the waters of Scorpio, and this transition from law and order to scorpionic depths — where otherworldly surprises are not surprises at all, and the idea that we might see and create the future is a given — is not so abrupt once we familiarize ourselves with Libra’s supernatural attributes.

Libra comes from the founding oracle: Themis, Greek goddess of divine law. What happens when we disregard her psychic wisdom? Nemesis, goddess of retribution, pays a visit. In English we use the word nemesis to describe someone who is an enemy. Evidently those we call problematic are sent our way when we ignore the advice of demiurges such as Libra/Themis.

This is how Mercury in Libra teaches the importance of right communication. When the Scorpio cycle arrives, we are then (ideally) partnered with healers and angels, not energetic vampires. Scorpio is an advanced expedition into the Self. We cannot risk company incapable of wading beside us through her waters.

This marks the last hurrah for Jupiter in Libra, who has been hanging out in this constellation since last September. All of this past year (from September 2016 until now) has been Libra-themed, riddled with intense social issues of all kinds. We have seen Libra unite a nation and a globe through activism, in the name of love, and belief in a reality that is not hateful. We have seen her unite humans in marriage, and we have seen her destroy partnerships which were not built to last, replete with bitter fights, divorce and two-faced behavior. Even before this transit ends, Jupiter will move on to Scorpio, and our focus will shift dramatically in a different direction. Mercury follows one week later, swimming after mighty Jupiter in the waters of the scorpion cove.

So yes, there is marvelous potential for true love to bloom during this time. After all, Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love, and she is quite the matchmaker. This is unlikely though because Venus herself will not be in Libra during this cycle, but still in Virgo. The last three days of this transit when Venus does enter Libra (Oct 14-17) are going to be especially chaotic. Watch for conflict here.

Stay balanced with Libra Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Libra, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

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