Mercury in Libra ☿ Oct 7-24

Oct 7 – 24, 2016

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Mercury and Venus never stray more than 45 degrees from the Sun, which means that these two planets are, at most, only one step behind or ahead of the cycle, if not in the same sign. Venus has already moved on to Scorpio, but Mercury will catalyze growth in the last two weeks of the Libra season.

Maybe in Mercury’s dreams he lives full-time in Libra’s gorgeous house on the hill. Libra, ruler of beauty, aesthetic and art. She needs tastefulness in her surroundings. Libra’s style, whether in writing or clothing or manner of speech, is understated, simplistic, classy, clean, straightforward – no frills, no gaudiness. Libra falls right in the middle of the zodiac wheel. In so many ways, she represents compromise – meeting halfway – pacification of the extremes.

With Mercury in Libra, we confront matters of partnership, particularly those which have been suppressed or ignored. Are you where you want to be? Break out of relationships that have calcified over time and no longer serve you. Do not resist healthy change here.

Libra likes to be surrounded / partnered with others at all times. The imbalanced Libra constantly seeks validation when she is feeling submissive and insecure. Watch for acute indecision, over-compromise or unnecessary sacrifice. Libra may vacillate wildly in an effort to remain stable. She is so afraid of offending others that she will attempt to please everyone at once. We might cling to illusions in order to avoid reconciling opposition. Remember that it is possible to accommodate others while still respecting our own needs. Be assertive!

I’ve been teaching myself about Themis, Greek goddess of divine law, inspiration for Libra, and what happens when we disregard her psychic sagesse: Nemesis, goddess of retribution, pays a visit. In English we use the word nemesis to describe someone who is an enemy. How interesting that those we consider problematic are, in theory, sent to us because we have not heeded the advice of demiurges such as Libra/Themis.

My conception of Libra’s identity now includes the crystal-gazing oracle. This is important considering that it is she who prepares us to enter the waters of Scorpio. In Scorpio, mystical surprises are not surprises at all, and the idea that we might see and create the future is a given. So the transition from law and order to the dark scorpionic depths is not really so abrupt.

Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Libra all work together to rearrange our social circle: Mercury teaches us how to communicate; Venus tends to the web, the actuality of our environment; and the Sun presides over the whole process, engendering momentum. And then, when the Scorpio cycle arrives, we are (ideally, if all goes as planned) partnered with the right people. Scorpio is an advanced expedition into the Self. We cannot risk the company of those who are incapable of wading beside us, each on their own journey of epic proportions.

Mercury lives in the throat and in the mind. In Libra he smooths and irons. Step gingerly, take time when you speak. This is the master class in Humanism and what it means to relate, to express, to co-exist. Take care of your neighbors, listen, be kind. Who do you want to be in this great earthen latticework of spirit?

Celebrate Mercury with Libra Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Libra, these next few months will be a Mercury Return for you. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I listen


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