Sun in Scorpio ☼ Oct 22 – Nov 21

Oct 22 – Nov 21, 2016

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Disclaimer: the Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets!

The scorpion learns from the inside out in her quest for transcendence. This cycle is a rigorous test. Deep within, teeth grit, bones ice. Every year it’s the same, downward strokes in the soul’s muddy bottom. And every time it ends, we rise. The diver surfaces, gasping for breath, utterly changed. What an adventure life continues to be.

Scorpio is a black widow; a witch on a moonless night; a shaman; a secret; a wolf howling in the cold; a mermaid lair; great awakening. Consciously or not, she craves constant catharsis. Scorpio is intellectual and notably intense. She has an inherent, uncanny understanding of others and reads minds with ease.

The scorpion roils with passion and intensity. She spends a lot of time thinking and writing about her feelings but may also internalize very strong emotions and opinions. Scorpio feels acutely misunderstood, and this is probably because she understands Life in a way that few others do. She connects soul to soul, no words, but she is mistrustful at the slightest threat to her privacy.

The scorpion has a great responsibility: one sting can destroy instantaneously, or it may transmute darkness into light. From “The Scorpio Ring of Fire: An Astrological Journey into the Heart of the Galactic Center” by Kilaya Ciriello:

From ancient astrologers we learn that Scorpio includes the possibility that the scorpion will transform into an eagle … [T]he sign of Scorpio naturally leads to a switch from a confined life to a free-soaring one, from a narrow perspective to a broad one. (page 70)

This makes sense – the boundless energy and liberation elements found in Sagittarius, the constellation following Scorpio, have to come from somewhere. That energetic buildup begins in Scorpio. She is not a one-dimensional bump-in-the-night, she’s a powerhouse preparing us to receive joy and luminescence. More from Ciriello:

Because Sagittarius represents a wild and passionate freedom, we can guess that the transformation that Scorpio is focused on is for the purpose of arriving at such freedom … (page 70)

This natural progression means that Scorpio lives differently than Sagittarius, otherwise they would embody the same archetype. The strengths and blockages of each constellation are unique. What is Scorpio doing that (often) prevents her from being as spirited and ecstatic as the centaur? Ciriello:

[T]he Sagittarius centaur is constantly pursuing goals and shooting at faraway targets, so Scorpio might then indicate a stagnate determination to stay where we are and a refusal to engage faraway goals … The Sagittarius proclivity for team sports may indicate that Scorpio involves mostly activities isolated from groups, and the Sagittarius drive to distribute information . . . reflects Scorpio’s tendency to keep important information hidden. (page 70)

Neither archetype is better or even necessarily happier than the other. We need Scorpio’s morbid shades, piercing inquiry and probing thoughts before we can fly to the centaur’s “higher” skies. Without emotional/psychological transformation, this kind of deliverance is simply impossible. So don’t begrudge any part of the process, it is designed with very clear goals in mind.

I could talk at length about the nature of the scorpion, the way she slinks low to the earth at the midnight hour, seeing and feeling all, burning with desire. She is irresistible, endlessly fascinating. For now let’s discuss how the Scorpio season will play out and what we can expect by way of this buzzword “transformation.”

Yes, this transformation is serious. It is one of questioning and, as a result, of healing. The scorpion is an extractor of grief. She is not maternal nor even very friendly. This is why we might feel alone, vulnerable, helpless – pushed rather than guided. This journey will manifest differently for everyone. However, the scorpion’s specialty is the removal of sexual trauma. She is frequently associated with the incurring of such trauma; I don’t totally disagree with this, but I see her as a curative agent, not a menace.

Scorpio is reminiscent of Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles. The core practice facilitating scorpionic transformation is detachment, unfastening, a withdrawal of whatever within you has become an obstacle to growth and expansion. How to detach? Yoga, conversation, breath work, long walks, crying – all of these things are required, but none so much as awareness of habit patterns which lead again and again to the same place. And to cultivate awareness? Meditation. I think you’ll find that all obstacles are rooted in fear.

For many this is the final push – you will pop out on the other end feeling the best you ever have. You can put down the weight and never pick it up again…

Move your blood with Scorpio Yoga.

Mantra:  passion


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