Sun in Scorpio ☼ Oct 23 – Nov 21

Oct 23 – Nov 21, 2017

Happy birthday scorpions!

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Oh the scorpion, how she slinks along the earth at midnight, seeing and feeling all, burning with desire. She is irresistible, fascinating. The Scorpio quest is transcendental, a transmutation of darkness into light. Teeth grit, bones freeze. Every year it’s the same, and every time it ends, we rise.

The scorpion has a great responsibility: one sting, and all is destroyed. Scorpio is a black widow; a witch; a moonless night; a shaman; a secret; a wolf howling in the cold; an underwater lair; awakening; catharsis. She is intellectual and intense. She reads minds with ease. The scorpion roils with passion, yet she chronically suppresses very strong emotions and opinions. She feels acutely misunderstood. She is hungry for your soul, yet mistrustful at the slightest threat to her own privacy.

The boundless energy found in Sagittarius, the constellation following Scorpio, has to come from somewhere. It begins in Scorpio. The scorpion is therefore not a one-dimensional bump-in-the-night, but a dark angel who prepares us to receive joy and luminescence. The strengths and blockages of each constellation are unique. What is Scorpio doing differently from the centaur? Neither archetype is better or happier than the other. We need Scorpio’s probing, morbid shades and piercing inquiry before we can fly to the centaur’s “higher” skies. Without emotional/psychological transformation, such deliverance is impossible.

The scorpion’s specialty is the removal of sexual trauma. She is sometimes associated with the incurring of such trauma, but I see her as a curative agent, not a menace. Yes, this transformation is serious. It is one of deep questions and deep healing. The scorpion is an extractor of grief. She is not maternal nor friendly. This is why we might feel alone, vulnerable, helpless – pushed rather than guided.

Scorpio is reminiscent of Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles. The core practice facilitating scorpionic transformation is detachment, unfastening, obliteration of whatever within you has become an obstacle to growth and expansion. How to detach? Yoga, conversation, breath work, long walks, crying – all of these things are required, but none so much as awareness of habit patterns which lead again and again to the same place. And to cultivate awareness? Meditation.

The scorpion cycle comes on the heels of the New Moon in Libra. This means that we begin our next solar cycle in the middle of an existing lunar cycle. For example, if the new moon had come instead on the very first day of Scorpio, then the lunar cycle would sync with the sun in the constellation of Scorpio. However, since the new moon comes before, the first few weeks of Scorpio are instead colored by the archetype of Libra. This means we will continue working on the lessons of Libra, but now through the lens of Scorpio. Sounds complicated, but in essence this just means deep, spiritual perspective (Scorpio) on issues of partnership (Libra).

This scorpion cycle could be considered the “luckiest” of the year because Jupiter, planet of luck and gifts, is also swimming in Scorpio now. Anytime other planets (such as the sun) now grace the scorpion’s waters, they are touched by Jupiter’s bliss. October 26 is when the sun and Jupiter will be conjunct, totally linked up – in theory, this is one of the most auspicious days we’ll see for another year. Mercury will also be in Scorpio at the beginning of this transit, signaling harmony between mind (Mercury) and ego/intention/central consciousness/manifestation (Sun). This ends on November 5 when Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Two days later, Venus makes her debut in Scorpio, bringing the heart (Venus) into alignment with the manifesting powers of the Sun. Saturn and Uranus are forming a harmonious angle on November 11, so this should be another exceptional day.

The first quarter moon falls on October 27, one day after the “luckiest day of the year.” Quarter moons are generally challenging times and represent crossroads or decision-making moments. The full moon on November 4 is a cumulative point at which we realize any intentions set on the new moon (October 19). November 10 is the last quarter moon at which we must decide what’s working or not working, what information we will take from the full moon, and what we will discard in preparation for the next lunar cycle. And that next lunar cycle begins in Scorpio on November 18, just three days before the sun moves to Sagittarius. This means that, once again, the next solar cycle will be colored by the previous lunar cycle. The Sagittarius cycle will encourage a joyful, expansive perspective (Sagittarius) on matters of deep healing, sexuality and finances (Scorpio).

Scorpio rules the genitals and bladder in the body. She emanates from muladhara, the root chakra. For the coming month, pay special attention to this area. Manage your sexual energy very carefully and do not give it away to just anyone. Scorpio exemplifies the yogic concept of brahmacharya, or right use of energy. Attention is intention. I recommend wearing white if you are stuck in the darkness. Create a space that is as silent and still as possible, and come here whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Move your blood with Scorpio Yoga.

Mantra:  let go


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