What are Returns?

When a planet transits through your natal sign, you have what is called a Return. For example, if you are a Capricorn, every time the Sun is in Capricorn, you experience a Solar Return. Let’s say you were born with Saturn in Pisces. Every time Saturn transits Pisces, this is your Saturn Return. When the Moon passes through your Moon sign each month, this is your personal New Moon/Lunar Return. Each one means something different and carries a specific energetic signature. Think of returns as a new beginning, a time of realignment.

You can generate a chart with each planetary return. Instead of entering your birthplace and time, use the time that the return begins and your current location. The return begins when the planet reaches the degree that it held at your birth. For example, if you were born with Venus at 9 degrees 18 minutes Libra, determine when Venus will return to this exact degree and use this time for the birth chart.

Any return chart you generate will give you a forecast valid until the next return. For example, a Solar Return chart gives you information for the following year; a Lunar Return is only good for a month, however. To calculate a chart, try CafeAstrology or About.com.

Please direct any questions my way! I am happy to explain.