Venus Return

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Venus spins through each sign approximately once a year. If you were born with Venus in Taurus, for example, every time Venus returns to Taurus you have what is known as a Venus Return. What to expect during this approximately month-long transit?

Venus rules relationships and all things related to home, beauty and art. With each Venus Return, we are reminded of what we most value. The Venus Return asks: what makes you feel rich, and not just in a material sense? This return directs our attention towards matters of the heart and the external environment, as well as where those domains overlap: people, places and possessions held close to the heart. You may feel an overwhelming desire to share love and affection with others. Venus seeks balance through healthy, fulfilling relationships and material security.

The Venus Return is an incredibly sensitive time, even vulnerable. I tend to cry more easily and take things rather personally. However, my intuition also picks up significantly during this phase. For those of us who are women, interesting things may happen in the body at this time. As Venus is a feminine planet, there seems to be an influx of estrogen with her return. Changes that normally happen during menstruation, such as breast enlargement or cramping in the uterus, often coincide with the Venus Return. Feminine health is commonly a major focus during this transit. Please be aware that this return may bring to light traumatic memories of past emotional or sexual assault. This is Venus’ way of communicating that she holds powerful healing space for you. She is ready and willing to open your heart and purge the darkness. Wherever you see change happening, know that the stars are with you. You are loved.

During this transit we long to put down roots, whether by finding a partner or a home in which to settle. If you already feel secure and grounded at the outset of your Venus Return, this transit will push for even greater stability within existing attachments. This return is the optimal time to change your personal appearance or that of your home, as Venus rules all things related to surface image and aesthetic. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Luxury; as such, you may spend more money than usual. Possibilities include buying or moving in to a new home or investing in a major asset such as a car.

The good fortune of Venus is best harvested through harmony with our surroundings. The Venus Return encourages honest evaluation: what do you need in order to feel at peace, within and without? The Venus Return is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect/empower your own divine feminine energy.


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