Sun in Libra ☼ Sep 22 – Oct 23

Sep 22 (Vernal Equinox) – Oct 23, 2017

Libra season always coincides with the autumnal equinox. Happy birthday scale people! (Libras are left-brain driven creatures who usually do not ascribe to astrology! They are diehard skeptics, cautious, mathematical, concerned with numerology and symmetry and aesthetic.)

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

This constellation brings a whole new host of challenges to the cosmic table. My struggle during the Libra cycle: speaking up, healthy confrontation. Don’t hide, don’t internalize – be honest and say what you need to say. Seize this opportunity for open communication.

Live communally and you will really see how the winds of communication billow and twist with impressive force from mouth to mouth, mind to mind. There’s nothing hippie-harmonic about it. Libra’s tests are relentless. Communicate everything, no matter how infinitesimal. This is your best insurance. Be kinder than necessary.

Libra calls for contemplation. We’ll have to think while we move because that’s just the pace of the skies right now baby. The scale not only symbolizes balance but also decision-making and intensive listening. Before “weighing in,” Libra gathers as much information as possible, and her final decision is marked by this careful deliberation. However, if this intake period lasts too long, a decision is never reached. At this point we may purport to be on both sides at once and/or resort to passive-aggressive communication, even if we know exactly how we feel.

Is it Libra who wavers and waffles, or is it human fragility, our own frailty in the face of her demands? Be firm in your choices. Non-commitment and non-action, though devilishly tempting, are strictly forbidden!

What is the right choice, how to know? Look at your current social circle. Moving to a new physical location may be necessary, but even some internal shift, however subtle, in how and with whom you spend time may be enough.

A helpful question to ask if you’re stuck: is it me, or does the problem lie outside of me? How strange, that this question is always so difficult to answer. If it’s not you, make radical change and make it now — walk or RUN away from toxic people. Don’t stay and tell yourself that it will all work out if it’s not working out now — this will not end well.

If you have been polishing your inner diamond, working hard to better understand yourself and your needs, then I see a magnificent window for true love and communion with another or, even better, with yourself. Friends and lovers are a reflection of who and where we are in the circle of Life. Through trial and error we whittle down the “outside,” refining soul contracts and coming to know the value of real peace.

Libra’s gifts are found in the hearts of those who are calm. Stand close to them. Avoid those who are strong in character, as they will likely prove to be volatile, controlling, angry.

Each constellation asks us to water different karmic seeds. In Libra these are the seeds of interpersonal relationship karma. Soul contracts of all kinds culminate during this cycle: twin flames and friendships and vampiric sinkholes alike. We all have seeds to release here, and it’s not all beautiful. Do not hesitate to receive new humans with prudence, even reservation. I recommend taking at least two weeks to observe and get to know new people. Ask lots of questions, pierce the gray. Whatever happens, do not compromise your value or self-worth.

Libra represents the midway point in the zodiac wheel, coming in at number seven of 12. Likewise she represents the midpoint in the body, ruling the lumbar spine, upon which the upper body rests and below which the lower body twists and turns. As this constellation emanates chiefly from the sacral chakra, anything you can do to strengthen this region is beneficial. If you experience low back pain, it is very important to AVOID forward folds. Our first inclination is often to bend and “stretch” the low back with forward folds. However, most of the time low back pain is a result of over stretchingforward folds only further aggravate the low back! The muscles of the low back hurt because they have been stretched beyond their original size and shape. To bring them back home, we must open the hips and the front of the body. Think of how often our spine is rounded: texting, driving, cooking, sitting, working on the computer, etc. In fact, we are stretching the muscles of the low back almost constantly throughout the day. More info at Libra Yoga.

Libra is also connected to something called prana. The prana vayu governs respiration, swallowing, sensory intake and the mental body. Prana is associated with inward/upward spatial direction. When prana vayu is weak, we misperceive the reality of our surroundings. Think of imbalanced prana as intake malfunction of the mental and/or emotional body. To stay centered in the midst of chaos, we need strength and courage. I prescribe nature, exercise and reflection. Breathe deeply, my friends.

Mantra:  balance


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