Supermoon in Aries ♈ Oct 16, 2016

Sunday, Oct 16 at 12:25 am EST

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This particular phase is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon. It is a Supermoon, one of six this year. A supermoon occurs when the moon is at perigee or within 90% of perigee (the point at which the moon is nearest to the earth). The moon will be 358,473 km away from us. Moonrise is in the east, moonset in the west.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Aries and Libra: the relationship axis. The ruling planets of each are Mars and Venus respectively. Venus, keeper of the peace, dances with Mars the warrior, full of ego.

Now is when everything is finalized. Think interpersonal relationships – how healthy they are, how they reflect upon the Self, cultivation of mutual respect, etc. It has all been difficult! But I hope you are in a better place, and if so, be proud. Flashbacks and revisitation of old unhealthy feelings are possible. It’s only an echo of what once was, a fading howl.

At the Aries full moon last autumn 2015 I had a truly cyclonic psychedelic experience. No event here is quiet or ordinary. This supermoon suggests conflict with men. In the body, we are prone to injuries of the head and/or muscles. Our karma depends on actions taken at the New Moon in Libra and even further back, all the way back to the Aries season in spring. Our karma depends on what and how well we have learned. Our karma depends on our level of Self-love.

One major component of this supermoon is the synchronization of masculine and feminine energies. We’re not only working on individual relationships, but the integration of humankind in its entirety. This also means breaking old habits, particularly those which suppress and deny women’s power.

The turmoil is slowly ending, emphasis on slowly. We have, ideally, found the right partners to guide us through the last gates of hell. Feast your soul on male-embodied leaders and allies who use the whole brain. I see a divine opportunity for real conversation where everyone is listening and being heard.

I will tell you a secret: Libra always wins. The goddess of Truth and Justice is an almighty creature with an immaculate track record. Ever since the New Moon in Capricorn this January I think we’ve started to see a reversal with humans gravitating back into her graces, totally empowered.

This all demarcates a new era of cooperation. With anything so big and important, it’s best to start humbly and simply. Libra’s gifts will become more definite over time. For now we just have an obligation to share and be loving.

Locking yourself into toxic relationships now will result in serious emotional work during the upcoming Scorpio season. But even if we ignore our intuition, theoretically, the conflicts we encounter as a result will forcefully direct us where we need to go. Time’s run out for flirtation with reality, it’s all grit from here.

We can avoid the mess if we are extremely careful about the who. Move in adagio but don’t think too much, it’s not complicated. You know already what you will choose, I can feel you smiling…! Clairvoyance is there, fully available and operational.

Like a new star, like a butterfly unfurling her wings, rupture as though you have just discovered your body. The real magic of Aries is the rebirth, primordial fire licking flesh, picking bones clean, muscles straining as we lurch, a newborn flung from the rocky ring to the highest peak. RISE UP FROM ALL DIRECTIONS!

Celebrate with Aries Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am love


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