Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☾ Feb 7, 2018

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 7.55am PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon.

From “The Prophet” by Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran:

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain … When you are sorrowful … you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. Some of you say, ‘Joy is greater than sorrow,’ and others say, ‘Nay, sorrow is the greater.’ But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits, alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

The scorpion moon squares the Sun in Aquarius. Quarter moons are turbulent, full of conflict. This is especially prescient with Scorpio, volatile queen of the underworld.

Water bearer Aquarius acts on intellectual and creative impulses. He is a traveler, an explorer, and infectiously curious. He dares not distract us with pains from the past, but turns our head toward exciting futures. Aquarius is fearless, to the point of being un-shockable. He does whatever he pleases, and thus has extraordinary powers of manifestation. Aquarius asks: why not? He reminds us that, at any moment, reality may be inverted, subverted, transgressed. There are no rules, no limitations. Brothers and sisters, it is time to ascend, revolt, defy!!

Scorpio, on the other hand, is a devilish vixen, a vengeful fighter. Consider the world, writhing in Scorpio’s grip. The Greek myth of Scorpius goes like this: Orion the hunter threatened to kill every animal on Earth. This displeased Gaia, so she sent an enormous cosmic scorpion to attack Orion. Try though he might, Orion failed to defeat the scorpion and his murderous plans were foiled. The reason that Scorpius and Orion lie at opposite ends of the sky is so that when one rises, the other descends below the horizon, effectively precluding further conflict.

Scorpio digs her pincers into ancient wounds. When we are revisited by the same old work – demons prancing back, ghoulish grins aglow – a powerful emotion courses through our veins. In despair we cry to the sky for help. But remember that pain is a teacher; it is inevitable; it IS.

Scorpio is the water bearer’s predecessor, wrought from the soul’s gut. Scorpio whispers in the night: do you remember the womb, the tomb? This is where I live. And so it is. Creature of infinite water, return with great haste from whence you came. Consumed by your own power, obliterated, scatter to the stars and be reborn. At the edge of all edges, feel everything.

This moon phase marked the inauguration of F*ckface last year. It also marked the day that millions of women poured into the streets in record-breaking marches around the globe. And here’s the good news everyone: this year, Luna will be conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. So far Jupiter in Scorpio has been nothing but cathartic and deeply satisfying, especially for women and survivors of sexual abuse. Jupiter will help smooth over the natural sharpness of this phase.

Scorpio is the chrysalis weaver. Without Scorpio, we would never transform, but rather mire in hate, in base emotions, in ego, in toxic control dynamics. Scorpio says, look at your shit, acknowledge your shit, do your work, kill off the bad shit, and then, in the blackest black of deadest night, our wings suddenly begin to sprout. Scorpio is the hag, gurgling prophecies from the muddy root of the root of the root. She is more powerful than anyone in the zodiac. She takes us in, no matter how we arrive, and gently rocks us to sleep. She kisses our scars with poison lips until everything falls away. She has seen everything, knows everything, loves everyone. Let go, brothers and sisters. Oh how we make the same mistakes! But we needed to be THERE to be HERE so BE HERE NOW. Forgive yourself! YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

The antidote to scorpion madness is MOVEMENT and ADVENTURE. Go backpacking, get away from the world. Let the winds of Aquarius fill your lungs and mind, fresh and electric. If possible, get in some water, whether that is a lake, ocean, sulfur springs, natural pool or a good old hot bath. Practice slow, sustained postures, low to the ground. In meditation focus on the sacral and root chakra. Drink plenty of water to honor Scorpio’s element. Stay away from black clothing, as this may enhance the rage or manipulative qualities of the scorpion – choose white instead. Conquer your fears with Scorpio Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I surrender

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