Jupiter in Scorpio ♃ 2017-2018

Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 8, 2018

Jupiter profoundly influences the arc of human life from year to year. He circles the Sun in 12 years. Twelve constellations in twelve years = one full calendar year per constellation. This year it’s Scorpio.

A brief review: since September 2016, Jupiter has been in Libra. This past year was extremely difficult on an interpersonal level. There were many, many challenges with friends and partners of all kinds. Whether single, married, widowed or in love with seven people, we were all students of co-Existence. Libra is, first and foremost, a mirror for Self, and all of her teachings led us back to this realization, and therefore back to internal demons. Jupiter in Libra focused our attention on not just the people in our lives, but also the spaces we inhabit, the things we hold dear, our creative pursuits, work, leisure, everything. External conversations were really questions directed inward: namely, what is preventing me from becoming the highest version of myself? Divine forces conspired to bring me to this circle – what am I supposed to see? Every single person we interacted with, old and new, played a very special role.

Now Jupiter in Scorpio. Think back to late October 2005 – late November 2006. Meditate on the themes of your life at this time, for the same ones are about to come rushing back. This year is not a repeat of such themes, but instead an opportunity to expand upon them, to continue working on whatever was left unfinished. This is an excellent year to invest. If you have been meaning to buy property or a house, or link your finances with someone else – do it.

Jupiter in Libra was a preparatory period for what comes now, and what comes next, my friends, is much more intense. It is visceral, it is real. It is about control, money, sex and what it means to desire. The mantra for Scorpio is I desire, and with our desires we shall dance intimately.

With Jupiter in Libra we fell madly in love, or tumbled out of it bruised and bleeding. Jupiter in Scorpio takes that love and makes it the centerfold of our lives, the very air that we breathe. If you have spent the last year falling out of love, it is time now to fall in love with yourself. And if you have spent the last year loving another, you will now begin to experience this love from deep inside your root chakra. This is where Scorpio lives, as she rules the genitals and bladder in the body, aka muladhara. And it is from here that we too will live, like animals, like feral beasts, chained by no one. Yes, this is a potent year, and we must be very careful not to manipulate one another.

You will feel Scorpio radiating from your soul every day. You will feel more intelligent than you ever have, capable of anything. You will witness your inner witch coming back to life all these years later, your intuition, your all-knowing nature. Yes, my friends, feel it, and don’t be afraid. Scorpio means transformation. She rules spiritual rebirth, fear, trust and integrity. When we make life-altering decisions, Scorpio is there. She represents irreversible metamorphosis.

This is the year that we step into our power. This is the year that we take on something that we thought we weren’t ready for and triumph anyway. This is the year that lust – for life or another – devours us. This is the year of tantra; of mastery; of unparalleled focus and drive; of piercing eyes staring into the belly of trauma unflinchingly. It is extremely important that we banish malevolent sexual energies during this coming year. Do not ignore your work, or these energies will mutate into harpies from hell and utterly ruin you. Do not shy away from the work. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.

Dates to watch: on Dec 2, 2017, May 25, 2018 and Aug 18, 2018 Jupiter will form a trine (harmonious 120 degree angle) to Neptune in sister water constellation Pisces. These are extraordinarily fortuitous days, especially for spiritual exploration. Just don’t get carried away on a rainbow road of idealism – Neptune/Pisces are dreamers and quite out of touch reality. We will not see this particular aspect again for another 8 years.

If you were born with Jupiter in Scorpio, this year is your Jupiter Return. Click here to see your Jupiter sign.

Mantra:  I accept this challenge


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