Sun in Aquarius ☼ Jan 19 – Feb 18

Jan 19 – Feb 18, 2017

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Disclaimer: the Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets!

Happy birthday Aquarians!

You are the non-conformists of the zodiac, always down for anything. This next cycle is about adventures and living creatively. The water bearer follows his own path, regardless of what is popular. Look forward to all things alternative: new eclectic friends, especially those with whom you wouldn’t normally overlap, unorthodox spiritual/philosophical trajectories, non-traditional medicine, party alienz…

The Sun is in his detriment in Aquarius, 180º from Leo, the constellation the Sun rules. Because Leo/the Sun rule the ego, one might say that Aquarius is the “anti-ego.” However, Aquarius also struggles with ego. The Aquarian mantra is I know, and Aquarius can be an animated intellectual imperialist. At best, he empowers, uplifts and revitalizes community, but he can be terribly stubborn, believing his way is the best and only way. Even-tempered Aquarians are dearly devoted to humanity in its splendiferous wholeness. Unbounded enthusiasm make the water bearer absolutely magnetic. Yet Aquarius is detached, even aloof, in love with both solidarity and solitude.

Aquarius has no problem intervening when something displeases him, and he can be quite cold and abrupt. The water bearer demands proof for everything, but I think that’s just part of his Universal code, where life is one long battle, a rivalry ’til death against THE MAN, against what he knows to be false.

The planet ruling Aquarius is Uranus, Harbinger of the Unexpected. I have found roots for this association in the myth of the ancient Greek god Ganymede, for whom the constellation of Aquarius is named. Ganymede was a beautiful young boy from Troy, nothing but a humble shepherd, completely unaware that Zeus had been watching him and become enamored by his beauty. Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and proceeded to abduct Ganymede directly from his pasture – unexpected indeed! From thereafter, Ganymede was one of Zeus’s lovers, and the only to be granted the boon of immortality. Ganymede was made the official cupbearer to all the gods; we know him now as Aquarius, “the water bearer.”

Yes, this “boy” was a “lover” of Zeus. Plenty of portrayals suggest his abduction and liaison were non-consensual, not to mention morally questionable. Could we have discovered another root here, perhaps the root of Aquarius’ fiery passion for social justice? His undying progressive nature? The root of his scream, shrill as winter dawn, ricocheting from city corridor to corridor, fighting for the rights of all?

Anyone who is spiritually conscious knows something about the esoteric journey of Returning to Love, Returning to Self, whatever you wanna call it baby – and that thing is this: when we take up the Aquarian “fight” – martyrdom – Life is a burden, and suffering sparkles. From Baba Ram Dass’ seminal book Be Here Now:

“You can really get into your suffering, self-pity…that’s real! Everything else may go but boy! You’ve got to suffer! It’s the same for all of us … We’ve all been on that trip. Suffering is great. It’s like straightening-by-fire. It’s purifying. It’s very good. But: a funny thing…want another paradox? This trip [and by this he means THE TRIP – the one which leads you to you, back to the ONE] requires total suffering but: it’s got to be suffering that is no suffering. You’ve got to go the whole suffering trip but: you can’t be the guy who is suffering.” (p 106)

Aquarius, persecution is an illusion, another jig on the terrestrial plane. No one is out to get you because there is no you. One more from Be Here Now:

“Am I he who is being pained? No! That’s the thing. Once you know that then: pleasure & pain, loss & gain, fame & shame are all the same. They’re all just happening.” (p 107)

On the first day of the Aquarius cycle, we have a quarter moon. These phases are, by design, challenging times – I’m predicting a rocky start. After the first week, we’ve got the New Moon in Aquarius, and that’s when Ganymede really starts pouring out the wine. Mars bursts into Aries one day later, and then Venus the following week. The first weekend in February will see us through another quarter moon and the beginning of Jupiter Retrograde so I’m calling this, once again, less than smooth. Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius on Feb 7 – a happy occasion, signaling realignment and a healthy mind. A few days later, we’ve got a lunar eclipse.

As for Valentine’s Day, I say forget that bullshit and love YOURSELF. Honestly, this holiday is just not meant to be. Aquarius is many things, but not romantic. The water bearer is engaged to fraternal harmony, now and forever…the whole shebang, eternal.

I celebrated the Aquarian cycle last year by traveling to Asia…wow wow wow. I know that this is not a desire or reality of all, but I want you to know what kind of potential shimmers in the ice palace of Aquarius. We’re talking wildest dreams come true. And YOU are the one who makes it happen.

Here’s what I can tell you about this cycle: it’s a party, and there will be some weird people there. And that’s all you get to know. Wear something funky and prepare to dance because, my dear, there WILL be dancing. Unleash your beauty on the world! May this cycle be indescribably wonderful! Improve your circulation with Aquarius Yoga.

Mantra:  manifestation

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