Mercury in Aquarius ☿ Feb 7-25

Feb 7 – 25, 2017

Learn about Mercury. Learn about Aquarius.

Mercury, ruler of the mind, teams up with Aquarius the non-conformist to cultivate progressive ideas that push the boundaries of reality and social acceptability. Aquarius is serious about one thing: revolution.

Aquarius comes from the ancient Greek god Ganymede, a beautiful young boy from Troy, nothing but a humble shepherd, completely unaware that Zeus had become enamored by his beauty. Zeus proceeded to abduct Ganymede directly from his pasture. From thereafter, Ganymede was one of Zeus’s lovers and was made the official cupbearer to all the gods; we know him now as Aquarius, “the water bearer.”

Yes, this “boy” was a “lover” of Zeus. Plenty of portrayals suggest his abduction and liaison were non-consensual, not to mention morally questionable. Perhaps this is the root of Aquarius’ amaranthine passion for social justice.

And when I say revolution and social justice, I mean it baby. Aquarius’ arrival this year is our signal: TAKE TO THE STREETS. It’s time to FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. The Aquarian mantra is I know – with Mercury the Communicator here, we scream Truth, we harken back to ancient wisdom, we share, enlighten and uplift.

Mercury in Aquarius embodies some powerful paradoxes. He’s a diehard rationalist with undying faith in humanity. He’s a potentially volatile risk-taker with a spiritual heart. Mercury in Aquarius has headstrong moments. He can be quarrelsome and stubborn, despite being remarkably open-minded and socially tolerant. Ruled by Uranus, the freedom-at-all-costs rebel of the zodiac, Aquarius hates nothing more than feeling disrespected or unaccepted for exactly who he is and what he does.

The water bearer is notorious for hopping all over the place. Mercury in Aquarius is a social butterfly who loves long, meandering conversation. He is easy to talk to but does not often give great advice as he is so unique and his vision so grand that his wisdom ends up being quite esoteric, although perfectly valid! The water bearer is scientific, analytical, and inventive, but not necessarily precise or patient. Trust me, it will be difficult to sit still or keep quiet for long. Meditate on wholeness: complete thoughts, complete tasks.

Now we turn to our social circle and big plans for the future. It’s time to break out of that which has calcified. In particular, Mercury in Aquarius focuses on aspects of life that have become too emotionally charged. Here we can make change and remain comfortably detached, unconcerned with how or when things will happen.

Needless to say, this transit demarcates a serious shift away from Mercury in Capricorn. This shift is even more dramatic considering that Mercury was retrograde in Cap, so the celestial energy has been notably heavy and earthy.

On the first weekend of Mercury in Aquarius we have a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, the constellation directly opposite Aquarius. This is going to be an incendiary weekend. The following weekend we’ve got a quarter moon and the beginning of the Pisces season. Think emotional tides ravaging the soul. A few days later, Mercury trines Jupiter Retrograde in Libra on February 21. This is an excellent day to teach and/or learn from others. Observations of the external world will be both accurate and illuminating. Expect a fully social, cooperative, wisdom-filled and growth-oriented day.

A gale-force wind is howling, here to rearrange you and HUMANITY. Dances in the psyche burst forth in full color and heat…

Celebrate Mercury with Aquarius Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Aquarius, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I speak my mind


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