Venus in Pisces ⚢ Feb 10 – Mar 6

Feb 10 – Mar 6, 2018

Pisces is shy. Perhaps she feels no need to verbalize Love because she abides here at all times: Pisces is Love, poised at any moment to sail noiselessly into the Divine abyss. A profound weight lies on the delicate shoulders of Venus in Pisces. It is she who, with all her might, works to unite our species against the evils of mankind.

Venus in Pisces cradles the soul, soft and malleable, ready to shift into whatever new form best captures and emanates light and love. The people she attracts reflect the fishes’ deeply spiritual qualities. Friends come together regardless of origin, ability, sex or color. What we have in common is belief in a better world. That world begins with our communion. As one, we meditate, we learn, we practice. Together we pursue the path of self-improvement, the path of the heart, the path of cooperation. Look forward to sharing the company of people who love and understand you beyond what can be said.

The fishes transcend physicality. Pisces is seraphic wisdom, the Oversoul, the river, wending through many lands yet called by the same name no matter where she flows. The fishes stretch and dissolve and bloom again, forever cycling through a phantasmagorical series of awakenings in the waters of perpetuity.

This transit sees no need for particulars – it is enough to simply be, to love without question. We often forget that we are directly linked to something impossibly magnificent. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, master of imbrication, rainbow scales sparkling in the starlight. She is neither rational nor logical, but yielding, ethereal, otherworldly, eternal.

Venus in Pisces reminds us of something we try to ignore: stripped of our bodies and outward identities, we share the same molten core, straight from Source. What a delicious rediscovery, and what bounty awaits. How fortunate we are to meet people from all corners of the Earth, and then be able to keep in contact wherever, whenever.

The most powerful period during Venus in Pisces comes when both the Sun and Mercury will also be in Pisces, from Feb 18 – Mar 5. One of the best days comes on Feb 21 when Venus links with Neptune. Why is this auspicious? Neptune rules Pisces in the zodiac. She has been hanging out “at home” in Pisces for several years now. Fill this day with music, dance, or any kind of creative activity. This is a day of forgiveness, spiritual attunement and unprecedented compassion. Release and surrender.

On Feb 25, Venus squares Mars in Sagittarius. This signals interpersonal turmoil, explosive anger or confrontation of some kind – be careful. The good news is that a very fortuitous aspect will happen at the same time between Mercury and none other than Neptune herself – use this forgiving influence to stay calm and speak slowly. On the full moon of Mar 1, Venus forms a beautiful angle to Jupiter in Scorpio. This is an excellent indicator that the full moon will bring peace to the scorpion realm. I predict cathartic release from the root chakra, definitive healing of (sexual) trauma, healthy interpersonal dialog and productive psychological plumbing.

Pisces represents death, sleep and dreams. If Pisces is the end, what comes next? The beginning, the rebirth: the constellation of Aries. Mercury enters Aries one day before Venus will. The Sun follows behind a few weeks later. Prepare to be engulfed in this primordial fire, lovingly licked clean by the flames of springtime renaissance. Soon we will be AWAKE, alive, physical energy rushing back after a long winter. I do want to say that these fish cycles are often highly emotional and confusing. Answers to your questions may not be forthcoming, but as the month of March progresses, mind, body and spirit shall be renewed. Have patience, earthlings.

Practice yin yoga and inverted postures to get the lymphatic system moving. Give yourself a foot massage. Go for a walk. Sing, dance, make art. Go within, be silent, meditate. Rest your body with Pisces Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Pisces, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  we are One


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