Sun in Pisces ☼ Feb 18 – Mar 19

Artist: Maria Nguyen Feb 18 – Mar 19, 2020 Remember – your sun sign is just one planet in your star-soup. Happy birthday fishies! We made it to the final stop on the zodiac wheel! As the last sign, Pisces gathers everything, then dismantles it. Everything changes; nothing stays the same. Reflect on the inevitable, proverbial Read More

Supermoon in Libra ♎ Mar 20, 2019

Artist: Ricardo Chavez-Mendez Wednesday, Mar 20 at 6.43pm PST (Spring Equinox) Another supermoon – third one in a row – and right on the spring equinox! A supermoon can be a full moon or new moon, occurring when the moon is at perigee or within 90% of perigee (the point at which the moon is nearest to Read More

Sun in Aries ☼ Mar 20 – Apr 20

artist: Raymond Douillet Mar 20 (Spring Equinox) – Apr 20, 2019 The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup. Happy birthday fuzzy lambiezz! From the belly of a long, strange dream, you awaken. The earth is cold Read More