Last Quarter Moon in Leo ☾ Nov 19, 2019

Artist: Cassandra Jean Tuesday, Nov 19 at 1.13pm PST At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon – this is true all over the world, no matter your time zone. If you were to look down from above the ecliptic plane, you would see the earth as a Read More

Mars in Scorpio ♂ Nov 18 – Jan 3

Artist: Willian Santiago Nov 18, 2019 – Jan 3, 2020 Mars: source of all vitality, physical strength and decisive action in the solar system. Life force warrior of the stars, fire coursing through his veins. Mars rules Aries, the first constellation in the zodiac and demarcator of the spring equinox each year. And now Mars Read More

Venus in Sagittarius ♀ 2019

Artist: Camille Chew Nov 1 – 25, 2019 Venus: goddess of art and romance, pleasure and beauty. With Venus in fiery Sagittarius, life glows like a joyful solstice evening. This is an exuberant, festive cycle. Sagittarius takes us out of our own little bubbles. The centaur is spirited; vibrant; spontaneous; carefree. And if you feel Read More

Mercury Retrograde ☿ Fall 2019

Oct 3: Mercury enters Scorpio Oct 31: Mercury Retrograde begins Nov 20: Mercury Retrograde ends Artist: Christina Mrozik Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth due to the fact that all of the planets are traveling at their own respective speeds around the sun. Read More

New Moon in Scorpio ♏ Oct 27, 2019

Sunday, Oct 27 at 8.40pm PST Every month the moon spins into the same constellation as the sun. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon. This month the moon and sun marinate together in sexy Scorpio. The moon enters Sagittarius two days later on Oct 29. The following weekend she moves from Capricorn Read More