Aquarius Yoga

Try Aquarius Yoga for blocks in the mental body or creative realm. Promotes innovation, ingenuity, interconnectedness. Revolution of the spirit.

Aquarius rules the circulatory system, ankles, Achilles, calves, shins.

Prana vayu : vyana  //  Ayurvedic dosha vata

Meditation : ajna (third eye)

I associate Aquarius with sudden insight and cerebral connectivity, so I think the third eye is the best chakra to represent this air sign. The actual location of the chakra is in the pituitary gland. Breathe deeply from a seated position and send your energy upward into the third eye with a turquoise light turning brilliant blue. This meditation is helpful for blocks in the intuition or mental body. Ajna is our dreaming center, our mind’s eye: envisioning, manifesting, processing, communing without words on the spirit plane. Turkish poet Jelaluddin Rumi wrote that we must close both eyes to see with the other. Relax your brow. Keep the eyes rolled back or looking up and together toward ajna.

Circulating breath

As Aquarius rules the circulatory system, let’s see if we can visualize our breath following these pathways in the body. This is a third eye exercise and a breathing exercise. As you breathe, visualize turquoise light entering the nostrils and filling the lungs. See this light wrap around the heart. With each successive breath this light begins to pulsate out, down the arms, through the trunk, up through the crown. Like an electrical current the breath is carried weightlessly by the blood. No part of your body remains untouched. As you breathe, say to yourself: I already have perfect wisdom.

    1. sit back and kneel on the ankles with toes facing forward, pads of the toes on the earth
    2. downward dog twist with one hand reaching to the outside of the opposite leg’s calf, thumb kept pointing up
    3. cross one shin over one calf and begin to sit back – this should be very intense. Starting on your shins in virasana, hero’s pose, come forward on your hands and cross the right shin over the left calf with knees remaining close together or even touching. Basically you are sandwiching one calf between the other. Keeping this, begin to sit back on your calves and allow the weight of your body to apply pressure on the bottom calf. Switch.
    4. uttanasana (forward fold) with blocks under the balls of the feet
    5. hanumanasana (monkey pose)