Venus Retrograde in Leo ⚢ July 31 – Sep 6

Venus turns retrograde in Leo from July 31 – Sep 6, 2015

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To be very clear, planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as “backwards” functioning of the planets and their respective roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde motion.

As the word retrograde implies, it’s time to go back, to finish, review, redo. Venus Retrograde started in Virgo a few days ago, but now she backtracks into Leo. When Venus is retrograde, it is not advisable to make major changes to your home or personal appearance, as these aspects of life are ruled by the Goddess of Love. According to CafeAstrology, when Venus is Retrograde “…we don’t seem to be in touch with exactly what and who we value, or, some might say we are seeing things more or too clearly.”

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus transited Leo the first week of June until just over a week ago – so we’re back for round 2. Let’s wax poetic on the nature of Venus Retrograde in this fixed fire sign. Venus wants us to be happy and comfortable, especially in our relationships with others. The retrograde period puts tremendous strain on friendships and partnerships. Venus Rx in Leo emphasizes the Self above all else. This theme is a holdover from Venus Rx in Virgo, although it manifests differently here. Venus Retrograde in Virgo draws us back to the Self in a way that feels uncomfortable yet cathartic. Virgo doesn’t always appreciate herself as she feels guilty when she is not at the service of others, so Venus Rx in Virgo asks us to cultivate loyalty to our own code, to treat the Self with the same care, diligence and precision so thoughtfully and dutifully exercised with others.

With Venus Rx in Leo, the heart stands tall. It’s time to rework our relationship to the Self in a way that is both honest and loving. At times you may crave love and attention from others, but this is only because you will be eager to share newfound affection and devotion. Spreading warmth and joy is a way for others to see and acknowledge how hard Leo has been working on becoming a better person. The lion loves nothing more than to feel needed. In actuality, Venus Retrograde in Leo clings fiercely to love in order to free the Self from the ego’s vice grip: liberation through the trials and triumphs of the heart. We also see this contradiction in the fact that Leos love to be right, but only because it allows them to better help others.

However! From CafeAstrology:

Affection is difficult to express in a natural or spontaneous manner. We might find others are lacking in sincerity or genuineness in their expressions of social niceties. (We may be inclined to do the same!) … It’s hard to trust others just now, and, perhaps more so, it’s difficult to trust our own instincts … People might appear to be more selfish, withdrawn, and self-protective.

The ego joins the table

Venus now encourages us to be firm in our sense of Self and deal with conflict head-on. Venus Retrograde in Leo invites the ego for dinner but then never asks him to leave. Venus in Leo lives fearlessly from the heart, often saying things in the heat of the moment that may be perfectly true but perhaps not so pretty on the ears. When taken to the extreme, Venus in Leo creates drama just for the sake of making life interesting. Leonine fixed energy is forcefully expansive and needs somewhere to go! If caught in a weak moment of boredom or stagnation, we may overstate reality to create momentary excitement, respite from the humdrum. Another possibility is over-indulgence: spending too much money, going out excessively etc.

This transit provides opportunities to finally say everything that has been slowly ripening within. Venus Retrograde often marks the end of significant relationships – not because incidents occur, but because we have enough confidence at last to speak up. For those who are especially sensitive to Venusian energy, this aspect will be more prominent. Almost every time that Venus Retrograde occurs, a relationship ends in my life! It is very important to surrender to the impulse to communicate when it arises. This urge indicates that a window of divine timing has opened. From CafeAstrology:

When breakups do occur in the second half of a Venus retrograde cycle, I have noticed they are imperfect. They are not often clean breaks. Couples and friends may reunite later or if they stay broken up, they might often wonder if it was the right thing to do – something is often left hanging. Venus retrograde is a period for clearing the decks and dealing with the past so as to move forward fresh and re-energized …

Venus Retrograde wants to feel at home, both physically and psychologically; you may move to a new residence or question whether you’re in the “right place.” Venus Retrograde gets us “in touch with our deeper, less obvious, and less superficial needs and wants.” (Cafe Astrology) This vibration lends itself nicely to the feeling of “all things fated” that seems unique to Venus Retrograde. Venus in Leo is usually a very social time, but planning major social engagements is not advised now. This is probably fortuitous because Venus in Leo has a tendency to talk more, especially about the self, and listen less.

Many of you were born when Venus was retrograde. Those with this disposition may not feel the effects of this period as much, if at all. To find your Venus sign and whether she was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here.

If you are curious about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight.

Mantra:  my heart speaks


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