Venus Retrograde in Aries ⚢ Mar 4 – Apr 2

March 4 – Apr 2, 2017

Learn about Venus.

Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde.

Venus turns retrograde once every 18 months for six weeks. This planet denotes value. In particular, she wants our relationships to embody true peace and happiness. To get us here, Venus Retrograde puts tremendous strain on friendships and partnerships. This is not the time for budding love. When Venus is retrograde, it is also not advisable to make changes to your personal appearance.

As the word retrograde implies, it’s time to go back and review past decisions and lessons. With Venus, these lessons are strictly concerned with home and relationships. You may move to a new residence or question whether you’re in the “right place.” External change notwithstanding, Venus Retrograde reminds us that nothing really aligns until we feel at home within. With your help, she builds, or expands, this inner home.

The vibration here is “all things fated.” Venus Retrograde often marks the end of significant relationships, not because incidents occur, but because we no longer have a choice whether to speak or make change – life unfolds as it must, regardless of attachment to outcome or not feeling ready. It is crucial that we act on the impulse to communicate when it arises. This urge indicates that a window of divine timing has opened. Venus Retrograde worships Truth ~

As much as Venus concerns herself with the interpersonal, the retrograde period is meant, as they all are, to take us inward. We will learn the importance of remaining loyal, first and foremost, to our own code.

Let’s talk more about the significance of all this happening in Aries. We’ve had a taste already – Venus moved in to the constellation on February 3. Aries is the sunrise, the fiery awakening, ravenous, fervent and fearless. Hot blood and adrenaline shatter the stillness. We are moving, running, reveling in the strength and potential of the body. I am personally very grateful that the retrograde will continue here. Ever since Mars and Venus respectively moved into Aries, a light has illumined at the base of my skull. It is easy to get out of bed in the morning and soporific beatitude has finally returned (when planets transit Pisces, many of us are racked with insomnia). My body carries me joyfully through the day. Exercising is once again pleasurable and effortless.

Apart from enjoying this incredible preview of the upcoming Aries season, we’ve got plenty of things to work on, namely taming the ego. It’s not so one-dimensional, however. Lately I am having exponentially more conversations with women about our collective and chronically depleted self-esteem. These women are magnificent, independent women; they are artists, healers and pioneers. Why don’t we advocate for ourselves emotionally? Why don’t we look in the mirror and love what’s there, or accept a compliment, or shut down degrading comments, no matter how subtle? I am not suggesting, of course, that all women experience this constant feeling of not being enough. However, I am also not denying that I have, on too many occasions, backed away in true fear, that I have obeyed an ugly face screaming that I am not worthy. YOU ARE WORTHY.

Aries is #1 in the zodiac; self-sufficient; masculine; quick to anger. It’s not just women who need to harness this energy for some flammable self-love, but damn we sure need it more than the straight white men. This struggle is collective and it has been burning for millennia. Do not feel defeated! We are all working together to overcome internal barriers erected by patriarchal society. Do not give up!

Venus is not making any exciting aspects during her retrograde in Aries. On March 18 she and Mercury will meet up for a conjunction. This doesn’t happen often per se (approximately once a year), but these planets are always hovering within 45 degrees of the Sun, tidally locked as it were, so they already have a close, natural relationship to one another. This conjunction is common in the natal chart. It is generally associated with work and movement – for example, you might pick up an odd job or move temporarily to a new location at this time. On March 25 we have another conjunction, this time with the Sun. Once again, this is not groundbreaking. Expect a social day – everybody likes to turn on the Venus charm by taking care of others, being a host, facilitating new exciting things, etc. The only thing to be wary of is overlooking the less beautiful aspects of (social) life. On April 2 Venus will spin back into Pisces and continue her retrograde there. I’ll keep you updated!

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Mantra:  self-love


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