Venus in Virgo ⚢ July 9 – Aug 6

July 9 – Aug 6, 2018

Venus represents romance, pleasure and beauty. Her transits shape love and quality of life. Venus in Virgo teaches us to be more sober and perceptive so that we may better serve others’ needs. Astrologers often misinterpret Virgo as cold and uncaring, but she is actually a very loving, devoted goddess. With Venus in Virgo, demonstrate your affection by simply being available and doing the little things for others.

Virgo is sensitive yet highly reserved, with thin, silvery antennae forever scanning her environs. When planets are in Virgo, we need more movement and stimulation. This energy can be so busy and alert that many Virgo types have trouble sleeping. Venus rules fellow earth sign Taurus, so her natural pace is quite slow; with Venus in Virgo, life is comparably hyperactive.

As an archetype ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind, Virgo is always thinking. This is how she traps herself in ever-tightening circles of fear and paranoia. She forgets how to just be and breathe without questioning everything, constantly needing to know why and how. She forgets, in the midst of endlessly working and preparing, that some things need no explanation, owe no explanation.

But if Virgo really has a flaw, it is her selflessness and the extent to which it can disrupt her own wellbeing. If/when she does anything for herself, Virgo feels guilty. Her identity is inextricably tied to her work and service, and if she is not in service to others, depression is likely. This goddess needs a mission.

I agree that Virgo’s relationship to work and control can be unhealthy, but this dysfunction does not stem from without. Virgo is concerned primarily with self-control, and if she does not have this, that’s when her need for control leaches out in jagged flashes, passive aggressive hurricanes and closed-minded projections. At her best, she is calm in body and mind. She takes good care of her health, delegates her time wisely and sleeps soundly.

Virgo tends to be more cautious than curious. She does not give of herself freely – she is renowned for her hospitality and perfect service, yes, but not for an open heart. And this is where Venus, Goddess of Love, by way of the Virgo portal, performs her yearly exorcism of fear from the heart. Virgo is accepting – but not necessarily understanding – of all. She knows the language of sensibility, loyalty and purpose and gravitates toward those who speak the same.

When we consider Virgo as Libra’s forerunner, we see that Virgo prepares us to receive the wisdom of the scales, and Libra, unlike Virgo, demands acceptance and tolerance of all beings. Venus is ruler of Libra, so we can think of Virgo as the last stop before Venus returns home. Indulging Virgo’s neuroses and rigidity will impede the journey, not unlock Libra’s garden door. In order to pass through, we must uncross our arms and look up from our work for a moment – who is there? Who are they? Will you meet this brother halfway? Cross from the virgin’s field to the tipping point, the center of the scale, as a breeze picks up and dares to knock you down.

This transit starts out with an unpredictable trine to Uranus in Taurus on July 11 – this can bring nothing but good things in the financial/interpersonal realm. On July 13, Venus forms the same friendly angle to Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn – an excellent day for all things related to work and money. On July 24, Venus opposes Neptune Retrograde – this is not a good day for social activities or important conversations. On the lunar eclipse of July 27, Venus forms another powerful trine to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, the planet of psychological transformation and rebirth. Holy shift!!

Calm your body with light meals, long walks and Virgo Yoga. Don’t forget your own needs – serve yourself first, then others – tips on maintaining good health in body and mind. While Venus is in Virgo, she is an evening star – look for her just after sunset each night. When she is an evening star, she is known as Hesperus. If you were born with Venus in Virgo, this is your Venus Return. To find your Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am rooted


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