Venus in Virgo ⚢ Sep 19 – Oct 14

Sep 19 – Oct 14, 2017

Venus in Virgo is master of daily life. At her highest vibration, she has self-control, bodily and emotionally. Let’s sprout in her soil. Escape sun, rest beneath the whispering oak. Feel the earth support your every need.  This is a thoughtful time, so pay close attention.

Virgo, unlike fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, needs constant stimulation. (Venus is ruler of Taurus, so her natural pace is actually quite slow; with Venus in Virgo, life is comparatively hyperactive.) Yes, she is a creature of comfort and solid routine, but Virgo lives in a way that would make the bull or sea goat feel unstable. Her energy hums at a faster frequency; there is more work done, more motion in her day. Indeed, Virgo defines herself by her work, both in a traditional sense and in an emotional/spiritual sense. She is proud of herself, and a fine, healthy and well-merited pride it is.

Virgo is a selfless goddess. If/when she does anything for herself, she feels deep guilt. Show your love simply by being available, but don’t forget your own needs.

Virgo is naturally curious, albeit cautious. Her reservation stems from a need for control, but not necessarily external control. The virgin does not give of her love freely – hospitality and perfect service, yes, but not her heart. And this is where Venus, Goddess of Love, by way of the Virgo portal, performs her yearly exorcism of fear from the heart. Venus, after all, channels celestial energy directly into the heart.

Be careful, star-people, because Virgo is always thinking. She is highly receptive (hence the monkeys in the photo above – I happened upon them in India last year), but can also be disproportionally reactionary, assuming that every action/comment is a slight against her, or a negative indication of her relationship with said person. Increased sensitivity makes everything look like a sign to be picked apart.

This is how Venus in Virgo may trap us in ever-tightening circles of fear and paranoia. It is not enough for her to simply be, to breathe and to love without question – she needs to know why and how. She often forgets, in the midst of endlessly working and preparing, that what we are is wordlessly beautiful.

Virgo is accepting – but not necessarily understanding – of all. She most appreciates those who are sensible, loyal, purposeful. When we look at Virgo from a greater context, considering the entire zodiac wheel with the virgin as Libra’s forerunner, we see that Virgo prepares us to receive the wisdom of the scales, and we see that Libra, unlike Virgo, is exceptionally understanding, which means that before we enter her domain, we need to confront whatever internal blockages are preventing us from being OPEN. Venus is also ruler of Libra, so in a way the Virgo transit is the last stop before Venus steps into her own mansion. Gratifying Virgo’s neuroses and tightness will impede your journey, not unlock Libra’s garden door. Allow me to uproot the mystery: right before she ascends, Virgo lays down her tools and stops working. Counter-intuitive thought it may be, this is the great secret, the great contradiction, that we work our fingers to the bone before we look up with exhausted eyes and, seeing the stars smile down, suddenly remember…

While Venus is in Virgo, she hides in the blaze of the sun, too blinding for us to see with the naked eye. Celebrate Venus with Virgo Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Virgo, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am humble


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