Venus in Taurus ⚢ June 6- July 4

June 6 – July 4, 2017

Enjoy life’s pleasures without guilt – this is what Venus in Taurus asks us to do. Indulge in simplicity and familiarity. Earth energy sits heavy-sweet, juicy-ripe, honey-dappled, bursting with promise.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. We say that she is returning “home” now. This transit is exciting in a fundamental way, but definitely wobbly. Your inner child will be alive and well. Just as children ignore that which challenges their dream-like conception of the world, and in the same way that children are simultaneously selfish and innocent creatures, the bull often lollops along unawares.

Resisting urges and impulses will be difficult as Venus is a lavish, materialistic goddess when she is in her bull pen. Taurus lives in the body’s weight, pressed and wrapped in the warm folds of your bed; a full belly following a delicious meal; absolute peace; mugs of tea on cold nights; the caress of beachy wind and sand; pillows, chocolate, sweaters, art and all manner of comfortability. Taurus is rich, savory, soft, luscious, melodious, aromatic.

Venus channels celestial energy into the heart. In Taurus, she is as sensual as she is stubborn. When young lovers ravish one another in a fierce embrace, Taurus’ heartbeat can be heard. Taurus lives for lush and passion, for bodily connection. She is inclined to confuse love and sex, as these are inextricably interwoven in her psyche.

As a Taurus, I can attest that it is a constant struggle to overcome the ferocity of lust and desire for material comforts. We spend too much money, lounge all day and eat everything in sight. We languor in self-satisfaction and complacency. We are lethargic, possessive and susceptible to cravings. But we are also romantic, generous, sincere and straightforward. We are uninterested in drama or superficial communication.

Something unfortunate often happens with aging Taureans. At some point, life gets hard and they just give up. They settle. Consciously or not, they choose to remain as they are: rocks lodged upright in the river of evolution. We all have an obligation to continue, to become. The imbalanced bull deludes herself with endless excuses, but we must all be accountable! We must all swallow the bitter pill called self-awareness!

One of my Taurus friends told me that she doesn’t “like to think about outer space.” This statement reveals much about the bull. A need for control over the physical world is precisely why the karmic purpose behind incarnation as a bull is to learn the ultimate unimportance of the material world. Although it can be delightfully cozy and nurturing, this terrestrial scape is only one tiny sliver of an infinite spectrum of spacetime dimensions.

May you be as satisfied as a fat cat on sunbaked earth! On the day that Venus enters Taurus, the moon will be swimming in Scorpio. Give a listen to “Venus, Bringer of Peace” from Gustav Holt’s planetary suite. Keep the throat chakra open with Taurus Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Taurus, this is your Venus Return. To ascertain your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I have all I need


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