Venus in Taurus ⚢ Mar 30 – Apr 24

Mar 30 – Apr 24, 2018

Venus rules Taurus and Libra in classic astrology, so she is “at home” here in Taurus. Resist the urge to act on impulse as Venus is a lavish, materialistic goddess in her bull pen. Indulgence, Venus and Taurus are all synonymous.

Taurus is simple and familiar, representing basic human needs like touch, home, comfort, space, warmth, food and raw materials. Earth energy sits honey-dappled, sweet and heavy, juicy and ripe. Taurus lives in the body’s warm weight, wrapped in blankets; full bellies; passionate melodies; rich food; hot mugs of tea on cold nights; caresses; art, and all things savory, luscious and aromatic.

In Taurus, the heart is as sensual as she is stubborn. When young lovers embrace, Taurus’ heartbeat can be heard. Taurus is unabashedly tactile, and chronically starved for physical connection. She may easily confuse love and sex, as these are interchangeable to her.

As a Taurus, I can attest that it is a constant struggle to overcome lust and desire for material comforts. We are stingy, lazy and gluttonous. We languor in self-satisfaction and complacency. We are lethargic, possessive and greedy. But we are also generous, sincere and straightforward. We have no interest in drama, superficiality or roundabout communication.

The inner child is alive and well with Venus in Taurus. Just as children are oblivious to anything outside their own world, simultaneously selfish and innocent, the bull lollops along unawares. The fixed, heavy energy of Taurus tends to calcify as the years pass. Older bulls often settle or give up, like rocks lodged upright in the river of evolution. We all have an obligation to be accountable and self-aware, to become.

A Taurus friend told me once that she doesn’t “like to think about outer space.” This statement reveals much about the bull, her need for control and her attitude toward the terrestrial world. The karmic purpose behind incarnation as a bull is to learn the ultimate unimportance of the material world. What we see is only one sliver in an infinite spectrum of dimensions.

When this transit begins, we’ll be in the thick of Mercury Retrograde. On Mar 31 we have a full moon, another blue moon. The following weekend more good things are happening. On Apr 7, Venus forms a harmonious trine to Saturn in Capricorn. This is an excellent day for all things related to interpersonal or professional life. Even better, see where these spheres overlap. For example, you may meet someone who offers you work. You may grow closer to co-workers. Whatever happens, it will be auspicious. The following day, Apr 8, is the quarter moon in Capricorn, building on this theme of work and new professional directions.

Apr 10 looks mixed. Venus forms a beautiful angle to Mars in Capricorn late that night, but the Sun in Aries squares Pluto a couple hours before. Apr 15 will be a joyous day, however. This is the last day of Mercury Retrograde and the new moon. The following day won’t be quite as lovely. Venus opposes Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio. Whenever we talk about hard or difficult squares with Venus, what we’re really talking about is interpersonal challenges. And when those angles involve Jupiter, planet of luck and optimism, the social challenge here involves promising or expecting too much.

On the following day, Apr 17, Venus forms a powerful trine to Pluto. Together, Venus and Pluto gift us with exceptional intuition, charisma, passion, devotion, sincerity, abundance and comfort. We will be able to truly feel what others are feeling and help them recognize their own worth and value. With this aspect, we gravitate toward relationships which are transformative, meaningful and potentially intense. Love is something we will both appreciate and understand on this day. We will learn that love is joyful, but also requires much responsibility. Making art with someone else would be the perfect activity on this day.

The sun finally meets up with Venus in Taurus on Apr 19. Due to his retrograde antics, Mercury won’t join the Sun and Venus in Taurus this year. Keep in mind that Mercury Retrograde can be quite disruptive – deep breaths!

Channel the bull with nature walks and Taurus Yoga. Listen to “Venus, Bringer of Peace” from Gustav Holt’s planetary suite. If you were born with Venus in Taurus, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I have everything I need


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