Venus in Libra ⚢ Oct 14 – Nov 7

Oct 14 – Nov 7, 2017

Venus rules Libra, so she is returning “home” at this time. Venus in Libra asks us: do our words further peace? Do our relationships reflect inner harmony? We must be clear and assertive. To truly see and hear requires a relaxed heart. Until then, do not be alarmed if you oscillate violently between sublimity and paralysis. Stand close to those who make you feel golden and tranquil.

Libra lives in a hilltop castle ringed by thorny brambles, and through these we must journey before we enter. She is not unlike all her brothers and sisters in the zodiac, for she makes us work until we cry.

I, for one, am impressed by Libra’s prowess. She digs directly into the ravines of the soul, the crevasses we hoped she’d miss. She turns us back, saying: this is inadequate, and you must rip it out by the roots and start again. So we crouch in the dirt, whimpering, pleading, asking why? But Libra is a woman who lives by the highest standard, and that would be Truth. She is undeceivable. Do not evade her, or she will hunt you down in the middle of the night.

When we look at Libra from a greater context, we see that the scale is Scorpio’s forerunner. It is Libra who prepares us to receive the wisdom of the scorpion. Before we enter the scorpion cove, we need to overcome communication blockages. Healthy communication comes naturally to some, but to others just the thought of verbalizing our Truth makes us want to hide. No matter, you are required to meditate and be honest with yourself. Confrontation can be awkward and stressful, but the alternative – internalization – is ultimately much more uncomfortable.

Yes, Venus in Libra is a bitter pill, and she won’t hold our hand while we moan and grope for an escape. Refusing her potion is futile and exhausting, like running from the wind. Don’t be fooled, she’s not leaving until you swallow. I promise that her medicine, though it may burn the lining of your heart, is the best you’ve ever had. Listen for your future Self, silently sweeping the vista. You will hear yourself say: finally, I should have done this a long time ago.

When it all crumbles, it’s never out of the blue. Listen closely, then act accordingly – cross the gaping strait between thinking and doing. Libra hates when we rush and will make us pay for it dearly, so be slow, keep breathing. Do not be submissive or insecure; do not cling to appearances; do not be afraid. It is always possible to accommodate others while still respecting our own needs. We enter into toxic environments/relationships because we have a toxic relationship with ourselves, truth be told. If you don’t immediately disengage from such toxicity, Libra will do it for you, and she is quite forceful! Walk away with your head held high; the Goddess is right behind you.

Stay balanced with Libra Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Libra, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  Truth


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