Venus in Leo ⚢ Aug 25 – Sep 19

Aug 25 – Sep 19, 2017

Venus channels celestial energy into the heart. The heart beams munificently in Leo, ruler of the heart, which makes Venus, Goddess of Love, even more at home here. Whether you’re single, in love, alone in the woods or in the center of the city, you’ll feel a special kind of wildness emanating from your savage soul.

When the Goddess of Love braids Leo’s mane, we have the opportunity to appreciate self and other. The lion needs — as we all do — to feel acknowledged. Leo enjoys being pampered but (usually) returns the favor. The emotionally balanced lion gives fivefold what he receives.

Venus in Leo is a zesty lady. She’s confident, decisive, extroverted and makes bold declarations of love. She can also be rough around the edges: ravenous, argumentative, stubborn. Leo may say things in the heat of the moment that he doesn’t really mean. With Venus here, life may feel like a game in which the rules change constantly according to the lion’s fickle mood.

With Venus in Leo the heart is not only more open, expressive and courageous, but also more easily bruised. We need to be careful at this time, internally and externally. One of Leo’s many faces is that of the angry child who inflicts pain outwardly, hoping that it will make her own pain go away. If you yield to this impulse, the inner child will only burn to darker shades of remorse and regret. Channel your angst into creative work!

Let’s look at Leo from a greater context (the entire zodiac wheel) with the lion as Virgo’s forerunner. Leo prepares us to receive the virgin’s harvest. Virgo is a serious woman, which means that before we enter her domain, we first need to assuage our ridiculousness. In light of this, succumbing to leonine desire is not just a bushel of potential mistakes waiting for you, but a very necessary step to adult maturity. We know this process in yoga through the culmination of practice in savasana, corpse pose. The entire purpose of asana is to prepare us for this final meditation. If the body is restless, the mind cannot find peace and stillness. Treat this phase for what it is: a primer for more demanding times ahead.

Week 1 : Aug 25 – Sep 1 : PURE FIRE

Venus enters Leo at the beginning of the Virgo cycle on the same day that Saturn Retrograde ends. This is a wonderful reception which will initially keep us cooler, less impulsive, more forward-thinking. Not for long though, because August 29 is the quarter moon in Sagittarius and this will ignite the lioness fire in a big way. On August 31 Mercury spins back into Leo, further fanning the flames. It is during this first week that we must be most mindful of impulsive behavior and burning anger.

Week 2 : Sep 2 – Sep 9 : EARTH TRANSITION

Mars passes out of Leo and into Virgo on September 5, greatly relieving the smoldering skies. One day later we have a Full Moon in Pisces and the end of Mercury Retrograde, which will also alleviate the heat. Though full moons, as you know, are very high energy points, this one will not interact negatively with Venus. On September 9, Mercury passes into Virgo as well, leaving Venus all by her lonesome in Leo.

~Week 3 : Sep 10 – 19 : RELATIVE CALM

The last noteworthy aspect is a quarter moon in Gemini on September 13, interacting with Venus in a positive geometric relationship.

While Venus is in Leo, she is a morning star, rising before the sun on the eastern horizon. Open your heart with Leo Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Leo, this is your Venus Return. To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  golden heart

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