Venus in Gemini ⚢ July 4 – 31

July 4 – 31, 2017

When Venus intersects Gemini, we are elevated by creative and mental energy. We will work on communication and cerebral pursuits. This means plenty of conversation, writing and making new friends. With Venus in Gemini, life is fast and unpredictable. We have to remain open to the new. What are we learning from one another? Who are we all becoming? The more we share and co-create, the more we expand.

Gemini has a curious, busy-buzz heart. The twins are voracious, insatiable. Expect to feel bubbly, chatty, animated and unapologetically flirtatious. What we’re looking for is fleeting yet powerful, such as a passing smile from an attractive stranger.

Venus channels celestial energy into the heart. In Gemini, the heart demands freedom and social connection – as long as we may keep ourselves shrouded in mystery. This is the paradox. Gemini is just as secretive and calculating as he is gregarious. He has an uncanny ability to instantly identify what makes others tick. During Venus in Gemini we will be very adept at reading thoughts, tone and body language. Resist the urge to assume, judge, exclude or deceive. Routinely step out of your head and acknowledge the external world. The karmic purpose behind incarnation as a Gemini is to find peace within.

Those born with Venus in Gemini can be very tricky individuals; knowing this, I advise everyone to be cautious during this transit. One moment these natives are incredibly charming and affable – the kind of people you feel like you can trust, who laugh at your jokes, who invite you readily into their homes – and the next moment they are enigmatic to the point of impenetrability, withdrawn, suddenly and completely vacant. If anything, Gemini’s greatest liability is to himself. I say this because, as undoubtedly frustrating such behavior is to witness, it ultimately causes the most damage to the individual who must endure their own inexplicable mental/emotional swerving day after day. How to please both twins at once – the introvert and extrovert, the artist and the warrior, the recluse and the clown – that is the question.

Gemini is the sign of duality, not equilibrium. I think many Geminis would agree that they seek relationships in which they feel totally superior or inferior to the other person. In other words, they must idolize or revere a person, elevating them to superhuman status and (briefly) centering their entire life around this person – or they must take someone under their wing and become this person’s teacher, showing them how to think and feel – and thus becoming someone else’s central figure or idol. Venus in Gemini can be extreme in this way. Her social and romantic life fluctuate in a yin-yang dance between dominating and being dominated. She does not know how to maintain equilibrium in a relationship, or even what that feels like. To be equal is boring to her. Of course there’s nothing boring about being equal, but Venus in Gemini must learn to overcome whatever emotional or psychological hurdles prevent her from seeing this, whatever perpetuates this unhealthy cycle of abandoning her soul to another, then feverishly reclaiming it, again and again.

While Venus is in Gemini, she is a morning star, rising before the sun on the eastern horizon. The moon will be in Scorpio on the day that Venus enters Gemini. Stay in motion with Gemini Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Gemini, this is your Venus Return. To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  co-create


  1. I love this!! I will be having my Venus return this month in Gemini. Also my Moon is Gemini. “The karmic purpose behind incarnation as a Gemini is to find peace within.” This statement really resonated with me. I used to have the obnoxious monkey mind. A dedicated practice of meditation and healing has very significantly assisted in the quieting and stillness of egoic thoughts. Took many years, though.

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