Venus in Gemini ⚢ Apr 24 – May 19

Apr 24 – May 19, 2018

Gemini is the sign of twins and social connectivity. When Venus intersects Gemini, cerebral and creative energies soar. Gemini is associated with the throat chakra. This transit brings more opportunities to meet new brothers and sisters and expand your inner circle. In general there will be more conversation, more buzz and excitement in the air. This is also a great time to hone your writing skills. Games, puzzles or vocal activities like singing or chanting are highly encouraged.

Gemini is busy-bubbly, curious, flirtatious, insatiable. His influence is fleeting yet powerful, like a passing smile from an attractive stranger. With Venus in Gemini, life moves quickly. See the barefoot gypsy, running to catch the train, sunbeams shining in his hair. He knows that the more we share and co-create, the more we expand.

In astrology, Venus is associated with the heart. In Gemini, she turns our heart into a dandelion puff, floating in the breeze. The Gemini heart demands connection and detachment. Gemini is just as secretive and calculating as he is gregarious. Intimacy is fine by Gemini as long as he may keep himself shrouded, protected by his words and stories. This is his paradox, the contradiction he must endure. The karmic purpose behind incarnation as a Gemini is to find peace within. Remember: do not judge, assume or deceive. Step out of your head.

Those born with Venus in Gemini can be very tricky individuals; knowing this, I advise caution. One moment these natives are incredibly charming and affable – someone you can trust, someone who laughs at your jokes and invites you readily into their home – and the next moment they are enigmatic to the point of being impenetrable, withdrawn, completely vacant. Gemini’s greatest liability is to himself. I say this because, as undoubtedly frustrating such behavior is to witness, it incurs the most damage to the Gemini individual, tossed about by his own unpredictable winds day after day. How to please both twins at once – the introvert and extrovert, the artist and the warrior, the recluse and the clown – that is the question.

Gemini is the sign of duality, not equilibrium. Many Gemini types agree that they seek relationships in which they feel either totally superior or totally inferior to the other person. The friend or partner is idolized, revered, elevated to superhuman status, and the Gemini individual (briefly) centers their entire life around this person. Or, they take someone under their wing and become that person’s “teacher,” constantly proselytizing their own deep life philosophies, and thus making themselves someone else’s central figure or idol. Gemini can be extreme in this way. His social and romantic life fluctuate between dominating and being dominated. Gemini does not know how to maintain equilibrium in a relationship, or even what that feels like. To be equal is boring to him. Of course there’s nothing boring about being equal, but Gemini must learn to overcome whatever prevents him from seeing this, whatever perpetuates this unhealthy cycle of abandoning his soul to another, then feverishly reclaiming it, again and again.

May 7 looks like it is going to be a challenging day. Three inauspicious angles will form in the sky: Venus squares Neptune, Mercury in Aries squares Pluto Retrograde, and there is also a quarter moon, which is itself a square (90 degree angle) between the sun, moon and earth (imagined as vertices). Since this is a post about Venus, I will talk mostly about the square between Venus and Neptune, but let it suffice to say that these other planetary angles will not do us any favors.

Neptune is in Pisces, the constellation she rules, and operating in full force. Neptune/Pisces rule delusion, confusion and deception. When Venus, planet of interpersonal relations, forms a hard angle to Neptune, there can be confusion and deception in relationships. Whether it is you who is deceiving yourself or someone else trying to deceive you, be cautious. Not everyone is as sensitive or well-intentioned as the moon children! We may be taken advantage of, or try to unsuccessfully “save” someone we perceive to be in need, someone unable to receive our love. This might extend to our financial life, as Venus rules money and domestic concerns as well. Do not ignore red flags in the social or financial realm. Be careful with whom and in what you invest. Take off the rose-tinted glasses. Unfailing idealism and optimism serve us most, but not all, of the time. The challenge lies in separating Neptune’s dreamlike influence from reality. Solitude and meditation are perfect antidotes. Fuel the unusually active imagination with creative, musical or spiritual acts.

While Venus is in Gemini, she is an evening star, setting just after the sun each night. Nourish your brain with writing, long conversations with close friends and Gemini Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Gemini, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I listen


  1. I love this!! I will be having my Venus return this month in Gemini. Also my Moon is Gemini. “The karmic purpose behind incarnation as a Gemini is to find peace within.” This statement really resonated with me. I used to have the obnoxious monkey mind. A dedicated practice of meditation and healing has very significantly assisted in the quieting and stillness of egoic thoughts. Took many years, though.

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