Venus in Capricorn ⚢ Nov 11 – Dec 7

Nov 11 – Dec 7, 2016

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Who better than Venus, cosmic strongwoman born from starry depths, to traverse the jagged peaks of the Divine Masculine? The reintegration of feminine and masculine energies (i.e. the rate of planetary change) hinges on remembering.

This is not a social transit. Capricorn is strictly interested in building professional skills and reputation. Sure, this might mean schmoozing and/or conversations with authority figures like bosses or mentors, but that’s as far as it goes. Capricorn is a serious creature who often struggles mightily to lighten up.

This is the perfect time to (re)consider school and work trajectories. In particular we should focus on networking and organization. Plan and prepare – imagine Capricorn as an architectural blueprint. With any earth sign such as Cap, it is especially helpful to make a physical/visual representation of what you would like to accomplish.

Indeed, Capricorn treats life like business or school. This is not to say that Venus in Cap is impersonal or objectifying, just steadfast, clearheaded. However, there is always the possibility of appearing cold or intransigent. My advice is to constantly infuse what you are feeling into the transference of important information. Venus in Capricorn jumps first to the gritty details. If we can remember to be warm and nurturing in our delivery, others will receive what we say with an open heart.

Those born with Venus in Capricorn tend to gravitate toward traditional relationships and ideals like marriage, marked heteronormativity etc. In many ways, these natives expect others to work for them. Venus in Capricorn wants people to show up, be helpful and get the job done right. She has zero patience for falsity/flakiness in any form. So one thing to keep in mind as we venture into Capricorn: how to be more useful to friends, family and society? And, on a personal scale, is everything running as efficiently as possible? Capricorn, like his ruler Saturn, is a force of contraction and elimination.

Capricorn’s darkness is that he wishes he could just eliminate the people he deems unworthy. This force of contraction is, obviously, a slippery slope. If we let obsession with usefulness run the show, society becomes a gross stratification of value. We cling to the rich and famous and reject anyone and everyone who cannot provide us with the prestige that Capricorn craves. Do not forget that every interaction and every human serves a purpose. We are all significant and all have something beautiful to contribute.

We do not have the right to use people, but we do have the right to standards and expectations. Sharing love with Venus in Capricorn is like sitting on grandpa’s knee. Grandpa is grizzled and gruff, but not heartless. Let him be a little reserved, it’s all he knows.

Venus in Capricorn ultimately teaches self-compassion. This is how we build infallible foundations. If you want others to step up, first be there for yourself. An indication that all is well: overwhelming desire to do, and completely on your own. With all the Sagittarius and Aquarius swirling in our skies, I think we’ll get to see the very best of Venus in Cap.

Celebrate Venus with Capricorn Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Capricorn, this is your Venus Return! To ascertain your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I create reality


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