Venus in Capricorn ⚢ Dec 24 – Jan 17

Dec 24, 2017 – Jan 17, 2018

Venus in Capricorn is a seasoned professional. When the planet of interpersonal relations enters the earthen architect constellation, it’s time to build our reputation. Converse with people in positions of perceived power. Look at your social life, work life and how/where they intersect. Experiment with networking and career pathways. Plan and prepare; polish and refine; sort and organize; grab hold of this earthen matrix and lay your foundation. With any earth sign such as Capricorn, it is especially helpful to make a physical/visual representation of what you would like to accomplish.

Capricorn treats life like a business. He is steadfast, clearheaded and charming, but he can also be cold, stiff, reserved, intransigent. He does not wonder what other people are feeling, but what they might do for him. Social interactions emanate from the logic brain here. They are not visceral or emotional, but bony like pillars, like stone, like the hard, frosty ground beneath our feet. If we remember to be a little warmer, others will more readily receive what we offer.

Those born with Venus in Capricorn often gravitate toward traditional relationships, marriage, heteronormativity, etc. And these types very much expect others to work for them. They want people to show up, be helpful and get the job done right. Venus in Capricorn does not tolerate unreliability. So one good thing to ask ourselves is how we can be more useful to friends, family and society. We might also ask whether we demand too much from our circle. Yes, we have the right to uphold our own standards and expectations. But can the goat learn to be flexible? In the body Capricorn rules the bones, joints and teeth. He is the skeleton both in the body and in life, meaning that he is difficult to change. Practices like yoga work first at the muscular level, then the ligaments, and finally the bones. It is possible to affect change even at the deepest level. Though it takes time and patience, even the bones and skeleton can be rearranged; even they can accommodate.

Capricorn, like his ruler Saturn, operates by way of contraction and elimination. The goat’s darkest wish is to just eliminate the people he deems unworthy. This force of contraction is, obviously, a slippery slope. If we let obsession with usefulness take precedence, society becomes a gross stratification. This is not so unlike our world today, where desperate individuals cling to fame and fortune, rejecting that which does not embody the prestige that Capricorn craves. Every human serves a purpose. We are all significant, we all contribute.

On Christmas Day Venus falls on the same degree as Saturn in Capricorn. Together they bring peace to work and financial turmoil. This is a soft, forgiving and rather sleepy influence. Share ideas about building and creating with your loved ones. Think about practicality, applicability, resourcefulness. Meditate on stability, security and abundance. Thank your mentors.

Venus links with the Sun in Capricorn on January 8, and this sounds nice in theory, but this is also the quarter moon in Libra, the constellation ruling interpersonal relationships (and which is ruled by Venus). Quarter moons are synonymous with conflict. Nonetheless, I hope these forces manage to bring resolution to interpersonal conflicts that may arise. One day later on January 9, Venus and the Sun land on Pluto. I think this will herald another huge exposure of sexual predators and financial corruption, so expect more news stories about wealthy powermongers falling from grace. Pluto is currently in the process of ripping every single institution out by its roots, shaking until all the old men fall out and then casting these withered establishments out into the galaxy to burn up and never return. Any dance with Pluto signals that we are about to confront some serious shit. The last aspect I want to mention is a square with Uranus on January 13, and this means only one thing: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, especially in terms of social/interpersonal life.

If you want to build a truly infallible foundation, if you envision a circle where everyone excitedly devours projects together, first consider how you can be most useful to the collective. How many good deeds can you perform today? Work well, and with great love and respect. Stay rooted with Capricorn Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Capricorn, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  purpose


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