Venus in Cancer ⚢ July 31 – Aug 25

July 31 – Aug 25, 2017

Venus represents all that is feminine and romantic, pleasing and beautiful. Her transits manifest in the emotional body. Venus in Cancer is the eternal bond of motherhood, or unconditional love. She feels as she swims: delicate, intuitive, just like the moon. Her waters soothe and support. The focus now is on our roots, settling down and getting comfortable.

I was born with Venus in Cancer, so for the next few weeks you get to see what it’s like to have my kind of heart <3 Sometimes this placement feels crippling, I’ll be honest. No one ever said that the path of the heart was easy – I happen to be in agreement with the ancient yogis that it is the most difficult path of all.

Cancer is affectionate and deeply devoted, if not irrational. You may feel an overwhelming desire to love and be loved. Venus in Cancer can be so warm and fuzzy that she often unintentionally smothers her friends and lovers.

The brokenhearted crab cries: no one understands me, and no one wants me! During this transit we may judge ourselves for caring “too much” and loving too hard. When crabs feel threatened, they retreat into their shells. This is how we will react now, and with great frequency. Venus in Cancer is an exposed nerve, a soft underbelly: tender and vulnerable. Everything will be taken to heart, whether we like it or not!

Cancer is a water sign, like her sisters Scorpio and Pisces. All water signs are feminine in nature and usually very spiritual, artistic types. However, I know plenty of Cancers who are not in touch with their creative/spiritual potential and instead channel the crab as pure crankiness. It’s true, some Cancers are very moody and quick to anger, and it doesn’t take much to trigger them. We all have a choice – we can let fear and doubt override reality, watering our worries like the thorny flowers that they are, or we can relax into the true sweetness of Cancer.

Venus in Cancer takes place internally. This is not a social transit, although it is a good time to spend with family, particularly mother or other important female figures. It’s a time to incubate, to learn the intricate folds of our heart and intuition. In Leo, we will step into more expressive, extroverted roles. First we must learn how to save and stabilize, financially and emotionally (Cancer), then we can spend freely and look forward to leisurely, pleasure-filled days ahead (Leo).

This is also not a good time to take risks. Soon enough, Cancer’s waters will give way to the fire of Leo: the fire of pride and mutual respect and childlike joy. First we must learn to love who we are, and I think that’s Cancer’s speciality – teaching us how to love and take care of ourselves, or how to become our own mother.

Life will feel gooey-soft and mawkish for awhile, but the fire will be here soon enough and who knows, you might even long for the oceanside once it’s fizzled in the flames. For now, find solace beneath the waves. Curl up inside your egg, your cocoon, your private ocean.

While Venus is in Cancer, she is a morning star, rising before the sun on the eastern horizon. Venus enters Cancer on the heels of the quarter moon in Scorpio so WHOA hold on to your hearts everybody. Calm yourself with Cancer Yoga. If you were also born with Venus in Cancer, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I feel everything!


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