Venus in Aries ⚢ Mar 6-30

Mar 6 – 30, 2018

Imagine the first sunrise of the year, and a gong of cosmic proportions reverberating throughout the Universe. This is Venus in Aries, where the Goddess of Love crackles in the primeval fires of the ram. Aries is ravenous, a beast of dawn, hot blood and adrenaline shattering the stillness. This is the great awakening. This is the beginning, the rebirth.

Aries is fervent and fearless. It is time to move, run, revel in our strength. Remember how delicious it feels to be active. When planets spin into Aries, a light illumines at the base of the skull. It is suddenly easier to get out of bed in the morning, and soporific beatitude returns (when planets transit Pisces, many of us experience insomnia). May your body carry you joyfully through the day. May exercise be pleasurable and effortless once again.

This transit demarcates a spike in physical and sexual energy, rushing back after a long winter. Venus in Aries lives in bodily heat. Build this as you would a fire billowing up to the stars. Then listen beyond the grand blaze within. In the midst of newfound thirst for life, it is easy to indulge urges and restlessness.

Apart from enjoying this incredible preview of the upcoming Aries season, we’ve got plenty of things to work on, namely taming the ego. Aries emanates directly from the ego. As such, life with Venus in Aries is full of blunders, stumbles, bruises and lessons learned as we act first, think later. Like a naive child, the ram leaps recklessly, impatiently, enthusiastically. Normally Venus plays the part of peace keeper and diplomat. In Aries, this role may be unavailable. With Venus in Aries, tact is not forthcoming. Lose your ability to compromise even for a moment and watch conflict close in like a lean wolf at midnight. Do not allow temporary disagreements to get under your skin! Though Aries is quick to anger, we can harness this energy for some potent self-love. Engulfed in primordial fire, lovingly licked clean by the flames of springtime renaissance, we are ALIVE.

On Mar 13, Venus squares Saturn in Capricorn. This is not an auspicious influence, but fortunately another benevolent aspect will be at work between the Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. This should help smooth over any conflict which might arise, conflict which will likely be situated where professional and interpersonal life overlap. Then on Mar 19 Venus is conjunct Mercury in Aries. This will be an excellent day! The most powerful period during Venus in Aries comes when both the Sun and Mercury will also be in Aries, from Mar 20-30. However, Mercury turns retrograde on Mar 22, so life under these skies might not be so copacetic after all.

Another challenging day comes on Mar 23. Venus will square Pluto. This may be an intensely passionate day, as it address things like control and manipulation. Beware energy vampires, as well as extreme mood swings. Pressurized partnerships may crumble, especially if one partner has not done their “emotional labor.” No doubt a day of great learning, we might not like what we uncover. Here we meet our shadow through other people. Whether or not we recognize this reflection as our own will determine the outcome of the day. In any case, the message is clear: it is time to let go, not force (painful) patterns to continue.

Lastly Venus forms a conjunction to Uranus on Mar 28. This means a pleasant surprise is coming our way. Conjunctions between Venus and Uranus indicate that we are about to meet a person or group of people who will be of great help in our spiritual or educational journey. Keep your mind wide open and expect the unexpected.

As the month of March progresses, mind, body and spirit shall be renewed. Have patience, earthlings. Be a warrior with Aries Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Aries, this is your Venus Return! To find your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am alive


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