Venus in Aries ⚢ Feb 3 – June 6

Feb 3 – Apr 2 and then, due to a retrograde period, Apr 28 – June 6, 2017

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Venus runs headlong into Aries. Imagine the first sunrise of the year, a gong of cosmic proportions reverberating throughout the Universe. This is Venus in Aries, where the Goddess of Love crackles in the primeval fires of the rugged ram. Aries is a bugle call at dawn, ravenous, hot blood pumping, muscles raging, screams of LIFE shattering the stillness. Venus in Aries quivers with adrenaline. This is the great awakening. Remember how delicious it feels to be strong and active? It’s time to get up and move.

Life shall be full of blunders, stumbles, bruises and lessons learned with humans acting first…and thinking later. In the same way that young children live with equal parts fearlessness and naïveté, the ram bounds recklessly, impatiently, enthusiastically.

Normally Venus plays the part of peace keeper and diplomat. In Aries, this role is not always available. Aries emanates from the ego. With Venus in Aries, this does not equate to tactful communication. Lose your ability to compromise even for a moment and watch conflict close in like a lean wolf at midnight. Do not allow temporary disagreements to determine the ultimate fate of your relationships!

This transit demarcates a spike in physical and sexual energy. Venus in Aries lives in the heat of exercise, the glory of another morning, the glow of a tribal bonfire billowing up to the stars. Listen beyond the crashing and burning of the grand blaze within; in the midst of newfound thirst for life, it is easy to indulge extreme urges and restlessness.

Venus enters Aries just hours before the Quarter Moon in Taurus. She does not make any major aspects to other planets during her stint in Aries, save two important dates with the Moon. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, Venus opposes (forms a 180 degree angle to) the Moon in Libra. This aspect is comically misfortunate for a holiday meant to celebrate love and harmony. It suggests subtle yet noticeable discord in interpersonal relationships. Expect friction or awkwardness in social plans. Those with poor emotional self-control will be moody, irrational and generally unlucky.

Two weeks later on February 28, the Moon swings around for a conjunction with Venus, still in Aries. Occupying the same degree, these two goddesses will work in tandem rather than against one another. At this juncture life is more fluid and effortless. Everyone will be fully recovered from a horrible Valentine’s Day and quick to laugh it off. Time spent with others here is much more pleasurable. Everyone loves to entertain at this time of the month, or at the very least make it out of the house to see other humans. This is a great time to clean your house, make art, cook up something yummy – anything you do to bring harmony to your home or relationships is highly favored. Maybe plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day two weeks late…?

Venus will turn retrograde in Aries on March 4. More on that later! Celebrate Venus with Aries Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Aries, this is your Venus Return. To ascertain your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am alive


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