Venus in Aquarius ⚢ Jan 17 – Feb 10

Jan 17 – Feb 10, 2018

Venus in Aquarius rolls in like a gale force wind. In Aquarius, the heart revels in unabashed passion, defiance and glorious freedom. The water bearer lives for travel and social connections, so prepare for an exploratory transit, whether in body or mind. I have also observed within Aquarius a strong attraction to music and dance. Aquarius, as an air element, embodies the power of the intellect. An inundation of air energy such as this can easily make us think too much or rely too much on the logic brain.

Those born with Venus in Aquarius gravitate towards unusual, unstable individuals. They are often magnetized to strange, sometimes dangerous, relationships and circumstances. Nonetheless, Aquarian individuals make excellent, if not troubled, friends.

Aquarius reminds me of vyana, one of the five prana vayus. Vyana is a physio-spatial energy radiating from the core of the body, out through the skin and beyond. Like Aquarius, it rules all manner of circulation. In the body this means not just the circulatory system, but also circulation of thoughts, nervous responses and electrical charges. Outside the body, Aquarius represents circulation of universal lovingkindness. The water bearer teaches humanity how to share, co-create, listen and learn from one another. Think of this transit as a master class in “loving and embracing the collective.”

Aquarius is notoriously scattered and unpredictable, yet self-sustaining and independent. Here Venus reminds us that, with open hearts, we are well-supported by golden webs. If you’ve destroyed your webs, spin new ones now. Have mercy on your fiery soul. Our purpose is to be ourselves, completely and fearlessly. We are wild horses roaming the cosmic plain. We are not just anyone, but adventurers, lovers, artists. Let Venus in Aquarius shower your circle with spiritual light. Look through this prism, hear uplifting words echo round the turquoise halls of the inner eye.

Be wary that Venus in Aquarius is not warm or fuzzy, but fervent, quick to anger, extreme in every way. Venus in Aquarius tenses when her freedom to be as she is feels even slightly threatened. Like the other fixed signs, Aquarius knows and openly acknowledges that he’s got rough edges. Aquarius is a martyr of righteousness. He imagines a world without money, laws, jails, borders or restrictions of any kind: a world in which cooperation is a fact of life. This is the Aquarian dream, that of perfect equanimity.

Get ready to get radical. This cycle awakens the inner rebel lying dormant in our hearts. She may come out screaming and terrified. She may pick up weapons if she is too afraid to realize that she doesn’t need any armor at all. Do not direct anger at loved ones; find a healthy outlet to release tension. In yoga, practice inverted postures to calm the nervous system. Give yourself a foot massage. Go for a walk. Make big circular movements with your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, head, spine and whole body. Writhe like an animal, who cares, no one’s watching. Let your instinct body come out and howl. You are a fucking wolf. That is all.

On Feb 3, Venus squares Jupiter in Scorpio. In astrology, squares are hard, difficult angles representing conflict. This is especially true because Jupiter rules good fortune and spiritual prosperity. High possibility of feeling disappointed by someone. Another possibility: spending too much money or being overly excessive in some way. Moderation is the most important, yet challenging, directive to keep in mind. Everything else looks good! Circulate with Aquarius Yoga. If you were born with Venus in Aquarius, this is your Venus Return! To ascertain your personal Venus sign, click here.

Mantra:  we are One


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