Venus in Aquarius ⚢ Dec 7 – Jan 2

Dec 7 – Jan 2, 2017

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Venus in Aquarius is a force: vibrant, unorthodox, cerebrally stimulating. The water bearer’s heart is unhitched, free from moodiness and irrationality. Aquarius lives in the power of the erudite and the joy of sharing. Venus in Aquarius is ego-less, oriented toward community. She brings us all together to speak grandiosely of the future.

Although Venus is the Goddess of Love, Aquarius is far from it. Exploration and intellectual endeavors take priority now. Venus in Aquarius celebrates love in a collective sense. This is a refreshing station for all who walk the long, eclectic path of solitude.

Venus in Aquarius is chatty, tangential, self-sustaining, independent. She builds a lattice of supportive, interesting people. If you don’t have that, you’ll create it now. Hoist your freak flag and watch them come running. Our purpose is to be ourselves, completely and fearlessly. Once we do this, we find our people. Not just anyone, but other adventurers, both in body and in mind. The Aquarian social circle is spiritual in quality. Aquarius is a prism of uplifting knowledge, encouragement, mutuality.

Be wary that Venus in Aquarius is not warm. On the upside, Aquarius rarely drowns in hurricanes of sadness. As a fixed sign, Aquarius can be rough around the edges and especially resistant to change. This prickliness is often just an imbalanced manifestation of the water bearer’s immense passion for the welfare of greater society. Venus in Aquarius seeks righteousness above all else. The ultimate Aquarian world is one without money, laws, jails, borders or restrictions of any kind: a world in which cooperation is real, quotidian, a fact of life.

Venus in Aquarius will make a scene if her freedom to be as she is feels even slightly threatened and has no patience for self-serving tendencies in others. Her battle cry is equality. Everyone should not just be treated with equal respect, but should also work with equal vigor towards a common goal. All hands steer the boat. All voices sing and laugh and play.

Those born with Venus in Aquarius naturally gravitate towards rather whacky individuals. They have a higher tolerance for strong, strange personalities. Although not outwardly emotive, these natives are very good friends as long as they feel that freedom and respect form the underpinning of every interaction. I have also observed an especially strong attraction to music and dance.

Aquarius is characterized by vyana, one of the five prana vayus. Vyana emanates from the core of the body, then radiates out through the periphery and beyond. This transit heralds radical, sparkling curiosity. The water bearer represents life being lived. Sometimes minimal reflection and maximum doing are both necessary and deeply satisfying. Tension disappears when we allow ourselves to stop thinking so much. Ascend to a land beyond earth and cloud, and I’ll see you there.

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