Uranus in Taurus ♅ 2018-2026

May 15, 2018 – Apr 26, 2026

Uranus is all about freedom. Uranus defies tradition and embraces eccentricity. He is innovative and future-minded, ruling areas of life like intellectual enlightenment and scientific discovery. Uranus is the spark which catalyzes unorthodox trajectories and upends societal norms. Uranus now enters Taurus for the first time since 1942. I will talk about that more in a moment. First, a recap of the most recent Uranian cycle in Aries, starting in May 2010. Before this, Uranus was last in Aries during the Great Depression, from the late 1920s to early 1930s.

Uranus in Aries manifested as pandemic unrest. This is what happens when the fiery ram ignites Uranus, god of Awakening. Aries, as the first sign in the zodiac, demands rebirth. Uranus in Aries taught us to be insubordinate and independent. This transit uprooted careers, relationships, perspectives and behaviors that had calcified over time and no longer represented our obligation to challenge the status quo.

Over the last eight years, systematic violence and oppression were forcibly brought to our attention. Corruption and scandal at the highest level were unearthed like shrieking harpies. As I type, archaic conventional ideologies crumble beneath the feet of peaceful warriors marching the streets, screaming truth to power. Destruction and transformation blossom together exponentially, like yin-yang wands twisting toward the stars. Outdated political, financial and social institutions must meet the progressive demands of radical young minds if they are to survive at all.

With Uranus in Aries, life was extreme and uncomfortable, but new levels of conscious awareness were rapidly attained. Remember the potency of 2012 alone. This cycle exhumed incendiary, insurrectionary spirits, pulsing with rebellion, writhing in magma, begging to be liberated. Here is our message: we will no longer tolerate being patronized, exploited or underestimated. If you haven’t already, take this primeval fire and become the fucking badass that you are. Collapse the cage, unfurl your wings, unchain your voice, release the wild women, tipple these raptured flames.

Now Uranus in Taurus. The bull belongs to the earth element and is associated primarily with home and money. Uranus in Taurus will fundamentally change the way we think about and participate in the economy. Some astrologers predict that crypto-currencies like bitcoins will skyrocket under the influence of Uranus in Taurus. Remember, however, that Uranus does not promote security or consistency, but rather serves to shock humanity with the unforeseen. In other words, these next eight years may not necessarily herald financial boons; Uranus in Taurus will empty the rich man’s vault and fill it with something totally different, something we’ve never seen before.

I predict that large financial institutions like banks and stock markets will experience unprecedented volatility. Obsolete industries, such as those reliant on fossil fuels, will perform miserably. The wise will invest in renewable energy or newly discovered material resources. We are moving forward, away from failing systems, away from old-fashioned financial models which exacerbate socioeconomic divisions. May this be the end of our dependence on non-renewable energy. May this be the end of all ideologies which pollute earth and mind.

As an archetype, Uranus is very social and collective in nature. Uranus in Taurus will encourage us to pool our capital. Wealth shall no longer belong to the individual, but to the community. This will also be true in the realm of cohabitation. I predict that we will live together more and more, sharing land and dwellings with open arms. Meditate on practicality. Let’s take what we already have and maximize its potential. Take existing assets and use them more efficiently. Let’s be more resourceful. It is time to stop seeking and accumulating. Together we have everything we need!

Uranus is hardly alone in these visionary fiscal endeavors. The skies are ripe with earthen energy. For starters, Uranus will join the Sun in Taurus, as well as Mercury. Jupiter has been in Scorpio since Oct 2017, and this is a perfect complimentary influence. Scorpio is actually Taurus’ opposite constellation, but they have some important things in common, namely emphasis on wealth and inheritance. Jupiter will be in Scorpio only until November, so this first year of Uranus in Taurus is going to be especially potent. Saturn just entered Capricorn in Dec 2017. Capricorn is an earth constellation like Taurus, and Saturn rules Capricorn, so he is “at home” in Capricorn, which is very auspicious. And then there is Pluto, also in Capricorn. Such synergy in the outer planets comes rarely. This is a divine opportunity, an ideal time to build, invest, put down roots, start your dream career – anything which increases your material/financial stability in some way. You can do it! The planets are with you!

Immediately after Uranus enters Taurus, he squares Mars in Aquarius on May 16. This might bring unpleasant surprises in the form of an accident, injury or explosive confrontation – be very careful and avoid traveling. June 14 and June 30 also look troublesome, the first date involving unexpected interpersonal conflict, and the latter issues with communication, travel or technological difficulties. The interpersonal stress of June 14 will resolve itself by July 11. From Nov 6 to Mar 6, 2019, Uranus will actually backtrack to Aries, so we’ll get to revisit all of the exciting fiery things I described in the first half of this post.

With Uranus in Taurus, we will plant seeds, dig in the dirt and create a safe haven where all are welcome. Let’s reimagine what it means to be rich. Let’s learn how to better allocate our resources. Together we will revolutionize the global economy. Celebrate this transit with Taurus Yoga. To find your Uranus sign, click here.

Mantra:  abundance


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