Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Aries ♈ Sep 27, 2015

Photo by Jimmy Westlake

The Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Aries comes exact on Sunday, Sep 27 at 10:50 pm EST

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I need to get something off my chest: aaaAAAAHHHHH! Ok, that’s better. All this lunar business…and it’s not over yet! Next up, a powerful Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse following our Solar Eclipse in Virgo. This particular phase is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon and also as a “Blood Moon” as it will appear dark red at the time of the eclipse. This eclipse is a follow-up to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra of April, which was itself a follow-up to the Lunar Eclipse in Aries of October 8, 2014. Yes, this is just one in a series of eclipses falling on the Aries-Libra axis beginning in October 2013 and continuing through March 2016. Any themes/conflicts that predominated during any of these eclipses will now resurface. This phase also marks the midpoint of the astrological year, beginning in late March with the Super Solar Eclipse in Aries. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Libra and Aries: Self vs other. Luna rounds herself to total majesty less than a week after the Sun enters Libra. I see this as a continuation of an energetic theme that’s here to stay for awhile: speedy manifestation, coming up to base camp sooner than expected. We’ll be meeting in the flames: primordial fire, rebirth, return to square one. We are rapidly entering a time of major Self-evaluation.

Axis of relationships

The Aries-Libra dichotomy is known as the relationship axis. The Universe is pushing us to address issues related to this polarity. Each eclipse is a check-up on our progress. Let’s meditate for a moment on the ruling planets of each sign, Mars and Venus respectively. Venus, ardent keeper of the peace, has difficulty with Mars, the self-assertive warrior drawing us back again and again to the ego. Mars charges full speed ahead with his brilliant personal agenda; Venus remains egalitarian and diplomatic. Mars would rather be brutally honest than tactful! We now have an opportunity to achieve balance between independence vs. dependence on others. How well are you meeting the needs of all? This does not necessarily mean that we are automatically aligned with Mars in this cosmic battle. In fact, if you’re like me, you might lean heavily toward Venus.

I remember very well how potent this eclipse was last year. I waited until it was too late to voice my truth and ended up leaving my job and apartment on unsavory terms. Although it still makes me unbelievably nervous, speaking up for myself is my priority at all times now. I never want to put myself in such a defensive position again. So this year I’m going to be ahead of the curve! If something comes up that’s bothering you or doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to open your throat with words of peace and understanding.

It is important to make changes before the eclipse rather than wait until something comes hurtling at you; eclipses reveal information suddenly, so you won’t have time to prepare! Having said that, any revelations or events at the eclipse are not novel – they’ve been bubbling below the surface for a long time and your intuition has probably been well aware of them. Therein lies another major lesson! Listen to your gut, act accordingly, avoid the mess. I feel it all as we wade deeper into this astrological year.

If balanced, we are confident and courageous, ready to move and do. The ram connects us with our inner leader, drive directed outward. Like a new star in the sky or a butterfly opening its wings for the first time, we bloom, stretch, reach, dancing joyously as though we have just discovered the magic of our bodies. I would like to emphasize, once again, that this full moon will be very intense. Eclipses are dramatic, forceful, passionate. How appropriate that the moon will be blood red in honor of the zealous ram! I suggest a ritual involving fire or some Aries Yoga.

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Mantra:  speaking Truth


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