Supermoon in Taurus 🐮 Nov 14, 2016

Monday, Nov 14 at 8:53 am EST

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This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Frost Moon or Full Beaver Moon – Natives and settlers would set beaver traps before the water froze completely. It is a Supermoon, one of six this year and by far the closest. A supermoon occurs when the moon is at perigee or within 90% of perigee (the point at which the moon is nearest to the earth). The moon will be 356,523 km away from us – the closest she has been since 1948…! Moonrise is in the east, moonset in the west.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Taurus and Scorpio. The ruling planets of each sign are Venus and Pluto respectively. Venus rules Taurus and acts as a balancing force. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, lives in the subconscious, particularly in the caverns we avoid. Together these two narrate form vs. formlessness, sensuality vs. intuition, visibility vs. invisibility. Taurus abides in the raw landscape of physicality, but Scorpio yearns to transform that physical reality in order to see through it, to understand all that is intangible.

The bull basks in the light spectrum of the external world, the scorpion slinks through moonless black.  Taurus is highly tactile and affectionate. She seeks fulfillment through the body. Their weaknesses include all things soft, warm and fuzzy; baked goods; cats; fine art; passionate music; gourmet food; perfume/incense; long showers; sleeeep.

Taurus invests deeply in terrestrial life, often placing too much importance on worldly status symbols. However, the balanced bull is content with nothing but the simple things in life. If Taurus can succeed in suppressing a deep want for material possessions, the next challenge is overcoming inertia. The bull is notoriously lazy, slow-moving and often works in short yet highly productive bursts. She has a wonderful eye for aesthetic, immaculate attention to detail and a profound connection/aptness with her hands. Many Taureans are artists, in particular those who work with 3D materials such as clay or glass.

Scorpio is volatile, complex. Are you connected to complexity? Or overly connected, spending so much time out in the cosmos that life here in the present moment is neglected? Scorpio is often associated with death. In many ways, this is accurate. The lessons of the Supermoon in Taurus are so all-encompassing and irreversible that it often feels like a part of us has died in the process.

Every time we reach a major turning point or make life-altering decisions, scorpion energy is present. The Supermoon in Taurus therefore represents definitive shift from one realm to another. The endings and beginnings rendered by this full moon speak of events from ancient recesses of the psyche, even other lifetimes.

Scorpionic overload snarls with Fear. Taurus sculpts and fortifies her worldview with sure-footed ease, but the scorpion is bedraggled by deep suspicions. She trusts not, nor can she be trusted. The crux of this full moon revolves entirely around issues of power and control, and at its heart: Self-control. Scorpio is undeniably intimidating, but she does help us transform. Our ego does not like to acknowledge difficult forces as gurus but that’s exactly what they are.

Taurus and Scorpio both want to live a life of quality rather than quantity. Scorpio reminds the bull that true power lies in conquering our fear of the unknown; the bull reminds the scorpion that it’s perfectly acceptable to spend time making our bodies and physical environment comfortable.

The Supermoon in Taurus suggests conflict with men. In the body, we will be prone to sore throat, colds and neck injuries. Psychedelic experiences are especially potent at the Full Moon, as are any kind of partying shenanigans. Full moons seethe and roil with a force unlike any other. Think twice about confrontations, stunts, moves. I prescribe dancing and singing. Do your work!!

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Mantra:  now is the time


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