Supermoon in Gemini ♊ Dec 13, 2016

Tuesday, Dec 13 at 7:06 pm EST

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This moon is called the Full Cold Moon. It is a Supermoon, the last of six this year. A supermoon occurs when the moon is at perigee or within 90% of perigee (the point at which the moon is nearest to the earth). The moon will be 359,454 km from Earth. Moonrise in the east, moonset in the west.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Gemini and Sagittarius: thinking vs. doing. Gemini, will you ever stop thinking? And Sagittarius, will you ever sit still?

At the Supermoon in Gemini, we drift in two directions at once. One moment united, the next standing directly across from our twin image. We are both the seer and the seen.

A clear delineation at this full moon lies between doing without thinking and thinking without doing. Blind optimism, inaction and endless thinking amass into one giant thread and needle stitching lips and strangling the mind. The Full Moon in Gemini is an arrow, cast by Sagittarius, which cuts the umbilical cord between the twins, illuminating Truth sealed and sewn under the flesh. Sagittarius shatters the familiar to expose what we have always known, to speak with actions that leave no mystery. We curse him as the cord is broken, but bless him too, for all falsity ends one day and when it does, we are free at last to live in Truth, free from denial and pretending.

Even the smallest of details and ostensible insignificances are very important. These full moons are lessons in consequence. Together, Gemini and Sagittarius are awkward and deceptively complicated. A myriad of potholes must be sidestepped. These potholes are nervousness, loaded silence, superiority complexing and two-faced behavior. The most exasperating aspect is that not everyone comes onboard, so even when we are at our absolute best, we still encounter roadblocks in the form of immaturity, unwillingness, stubbornness.

One or more parties in conflict at this supermoon will surely be unaware that they have crossed boundaries or offended others in some way. A decision must be made by those offended: to speak or not to speak. Herein lies the awkwardness. Partnership is premised on honesty, among other things. In friendship we also try to make the best of a situation. But at what cost? And can ego step aside? Truth may destroy reality as we know it. And from the lips of someone we love? Can we separate the messenger, or do we see destruction as one and the same?

Bearer of Truth, if that is you, assess the situation with grave clarity. How far will you go to preserve harmony? And how far will you go to expose Truth? What are the ramifications? Can you find a graceful exit?

The Supermoon in Gemini is vinegar on a splinter. Boulders of silence roll imperceptibly forward. Only when they split and crack, falling here and there, do you realize what has been at work. This you cannot escape.

Think twice, think three times, and then think again. Your breath is your best friend now. Take time alone – this is very important. No sudden movements.

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Mantra:  I am calm


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