Super New Moon in Gemini ♊ May 25, 2017

Thursday, May 25 at 12.46pm PST

Happy *Super* New Moon (again!)! New moons also qualify as supermoons because, as stated by Richard Nolle, they can (as any moon phase can) occur “with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.” This phenomenon is also known as perigee. In fact, this Supermoon will be the moon’s closest point to Earth in all of 2017.

The New Moon in Gemini is a cool breeze, a cleansing starlight and a lesson in inner stillness. Gemini embodies a magnificent contradiction: although matter appears fixed and solid, everything is in constant motion, including the molecules humming in your body at this very moment. Arriving at noiselessness amidst all of this chaotic cellular activity seems ridiculous, impossible, laughable. Yet in this lifetime and the next and the next, this is exactly our task. “What would it mean to begin always from the middle? To experiment with renouncing that lure of mastery with which definitive beginnings and endings seduce thought?” – L.B. Higgins, Becoming through Multiplicity (2011)

New moons help us clear out and start over. This new moon is an important change-point. It carries the unmistakable scent of freedom. I see electric blue eyes illuminating a vast skyscape. I see mercury quivering, unleashed, free to be as it was meant to be: a quicksilver feather drifting aloft.

To reap the highest potential from the New Moon in Gemini: move about, break open, fly toward the next adventure. If a vacation is not possible, even a short one, then you could explore internally with a summer class. Anything that whisks us to a new destination, within or without.

At this new moon last year I attended my “little sister’s” high school graduation, drove to southern Michigan to visit my brother (Gemini is the sign of the twins and rules sibling relations) and fetched my lovely French soul sister from the Detroit airport. Together we caravanned in rapid French from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through the Apostle Island lakeshore of Wisconsin. A flat tire in Minnesota, and a toothless chain-smoking angel from Texas named Boyd. In the dark trees that night, camping by the Mississippi River, an enormous owl watched us, silhouetted in silence. Through the North Dakota badlands and the river valleys of Montana, we danced and laughed beneath the stars. We stayed in would-be castle turrets and on living room floors. We threw handfuls of pebbles into glacial lakes. Together we crossed the border into British Columbia and embarked on an even greater adventure…

We are but seedlings surfing the Universal air current, indefinitely supported. Enjoy Gemini’s bright scintillation as you dillydally gleefully through each day. I suggest writing, poetry and a dynamic intention-setting conversation with a close friend or sibling. I also recommend lots of pranayama (breathing exercises) – see Gemini Yoga for ideas.

No major geometric angles formed between the sun/new moon and other planets save a weak yet challenging square to Neptune (Goddess of Dreams, currently at home in Pisces) and a weak yet harmonious trine to Jupiter Retrograde (Planet of Luck, currently transiting Libra, the constellation of interpersonal relationships). Both Jupiter and Neptune rule constellations who are also mutable like Gemini – Sagittarius and Pisces respectively. This will have the effect of markedly amplifying the mutable quality of Gemini. Mutable is a synonym for changeable or adaptable. In other words, our yearning for change and stimulation will be ever more exacerbated by these other planets who are so versatile in nature.

We may feel that we need to “run from” something. If the restlessness and itch to move come from a feeling of needing to escape, we will be taken on a detour rather than definitively guided. Having said this, I do not believe that this phase will be emotionally chaotic or confusing. I think this new moon will be warm and friendly and exciting. I think it will be full of grandiose talk of the future, and traveling, and love.

The moon enters Cancer early on May 27. Luna then enters Leo early on May 29. Finally the moon enters Virgo on the morning of May 31, marking the beginning of the quarter moon period/the end of the new moon window.

To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  freedom


  1. As the Super New Moon falls in Gemini, it will be guiding us to focus on our thoughts and how we have been communicating to ourselves, to others and to the world.

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