Sun in Virgo ☼ Aug 22 – Sep 22

Aug 22 – Sep 22, 2018 (Fall Equinox)

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday Virgos!

Virgo, goddess of harvest, showers us with celestial perks when we work, thresh and clear, humming between rows of towering plants. We need to be outside to really understand this constellation. Virgo lives in verdure, in the rasp of sun and wind, in dry rustling grasses and dawn footsteps crunching to the creek. Feed your inner animal. Gnaw the root, weave the straw, paint your body with autumn-cometh. Make your home beneath tree and star. Wash your face and shirt in the singing river. Catch the fruits as they fall. Unhook the mushroom from its earthen post.

The Virgo life is fast and constantly changing. Expect this time to be, as always, insanely busy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger god. You may move or get a job, go to school, break up, dig deeper – you know your mission. There is no respite, no repose, no languor here. Virgo can become so consumed by her work that she forgets to breathe or rest. You’ll feel a seed sprouting in your stomach, an excitement aching in your phalanges, a stinging, mercurial anticipation.

This transit is about practice, devotion and perspicacity. Virgo has signature agency over her body and crisp boundaries. She lives to maintain, monitor, sort, categorize. Virgo demands continual and discernible improvement within and without. Now is the best time to (re)commit to regular exercise and healthy eating. Virgo increases awareness toward the body and what we put into it.

Some Virgos are quite reserved, others exceptionally chatty. The Virgo mind is an intricate puzzle. Virgo does not find her interior world interesting because she is used to its lightning rhythms and abundant quirks. The rest of us are fascinated by this chaotic-yet-orderly whirlwind.

It is wise to flow with Virgo’s swift current, not stiffen up or morph into a control freak when changes arise. Autumn billows and fades, polar winds howl across the fields, and Virgo watches her crops wither and bow beneath frosted crystal. She will return and start from the beginning the following year, as will you, as will I. We all return. Nothing is lost.

Create as much space and flexibility in your life as possible. Allow for migration and fluctuation. Remember that Virgo thrives on constant movement. Commit yourself only through the Virgo cycle, for the autumn equinox will bring a whole new host of opportunities and challenges. I’m not saying we should be flaky – under the influence of hardworking, dependable Virgo, this is highly unlikely – just be prepared to adapt.

Lastly, Virgo calls to us from the doorway of our body to come back, come inside. What does it mean? For some it is natural, to feel at home in the body. For others it is the work of a lifetime, or many many. At its most basic and yet most profound, coming back to the body is a revolutionary reclamation, an undoing, in which the denial of bodily power, the denial of the body as it burns through space, is righteously rectified.

The first weekend of Virgo, we have a full moon (Aug 26), and one day later Mars Retrograde finally ends. Mercury (ruler of Virgo) joins the sun in Virgo on Sep 5, and Saturn Retrograde ends one day later. Sep 7 may be a challenging day, as the sun will oppose Neptune Retrograde. Two of the best days come on Sep 11, when the sun forms a harmonious trine to Pluto Retrograde, and Sep 20, Mercury’s last full day in Virgo. Twist your body to align with the stars; try Virgo Yoga.

Mantra:  my body is sacred


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