Sun in Virgo ☼ Aug 22 – Sep 22

Aug 22 – Sep 22, 2017 (Fall Equinox)

Happy birthday Virgos!

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets.

The Virgo life is a fast one, marked by constant change. Expect the Virgo cycle to be, as always, insanely busy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger god. It’s time to move, or get a job, go to school, break up, dig deeper – you know your mission. There is no respite, no repose, no languor here. You’ll feel a seed sprouting in your stomach, an excitement aching in your phalanges, a stinging, mercurial anticipation.

Virgo is a badass with signature agency over her body and life story. She lives deep inside: maintaining, monitoring, assimilating. In the body, Virgo rules the sympathetic nervous system and lower digestive tract. Now is when we must (re)commit to regular exercise and healthy eating. Virgo demands increased awareness toward the body and what we put in it. This transit is about practice, devotion and unsurpassed perspicacity.

Our greatest challenge will be flowing in this swift current of perspicacity rather than stiffening and attempting to control the dynamic shifts which arise, because we can’t, and we already know this. As autumn billows and fades, polar winds will howl across the fields, and Virgo will watch her crops wither, bowing to the earth beneath delicate layers of frosted crystal. She will return and start from the beginning the following year, as will you, as will I. We always return. Nothing is lost.

Virgo is highly dependable as long as she is emotionally balanced. She works on herself with such diligence that it is hardly a choice, but rather her calling. On a soul level she craves continual and discernible improvement within and without.

Most Virgos are quite reserved at first, others are exceptionally chatty (this is determined by the position of Mercury in the natal chart, as well as the moon and rising sign, which is the constellation ascending on the eastern horizon at the hour of birth). The Virgo mind is an intricate puzzle. Virgo does not find her interior world fascinating simply because she is used to its lightning rhythms and abundant quirks. However, the rest of us find this somewhat-ordered-somewhat-chaotic whirlwind perplexing indeed.

Virgo, Goddess of Harvest, showers us with celestial tidings when we are working, picking fruit, dancing between rows of towering plants, sewing tears in the rippling fabric of cosmic space-time, sorting, pruning, clearing. We need to be outside to really understand this constellation. She lives in verdure, in the rasp of sun and wind, in dry rustling grasses and dawn footsteps crunching to the creek. We put ourselves in grave danger when we forget our animal body. Gnaw the root, weave the straw, paint your body with colors of autumn-cometh. Make your home beneath tree and star. Wash your face and shirt in the singing river. Catch the berries as they fall. Unhook the mushroom from its earthen post. Remember that you are a human being on a giant organic spaceship and Gaia provides everything we need. Skip the supermarket and the apartment, and I’ll see you in the woods.

The stars ignore our plans, just as the clouds do. Virgo is a friend who comes for a specific purpose and period, like her fruits and vegetables, ripe but once a year. Create as much space and flexibility in your (work) plans as possible. We may be inclined to lock ourselves into a single project, but we should allow for migration, for fluctuation. Virgo can channel her energy to the point of total immersion, barely breathing or resting. But remember that she thrives on change. Commit only through the Virgo cycle, for Libra will bring a new host of opportunities and challenges.

Lastly, Virgo calls to us from the doorway of our body to come back, come inside; come, she says, proffering the laden cornucopia of self-love and self-acceptance. What does it mean? For some it comes naturally, an abiding sense of home and security embedded in the flesh. For others it is the work of a lifetime, or many many. At its most basic and yet most profound, coming back to the body means revolution. It is the great undoing of a dire dismissal, the great reclamation, in which the denial of bodily power, the denial of the body itself as it burns through space, impacting infinite energy fields and solid matter pressed sweetly beneath the soles of your beautiful, dirty feet, is destroyed in one scorching scream of righteousness.

Week 1 : Aug 22 – 29 : PURE FIRE

The Virgo cycle begins on the heels of the Solar Eclipse in Leo, the most dynamic energetic initiation imaginable. None of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are in Virgo at the outset, but will join the Sun in the coming weeks. On Friday August 25 Venus enters Leo and Saturn Retrograde ends. This marks the end of more than four months of intense inward questioning, part of a greater global quest for alignment with a higher spiritual vibration. A quarter moon in Sagittarius ends the first week, and this is a lovely follow-up to the end of Saturn Retrograde, also taking place in Sagittarius.

Week 2: Aug 30 – Sep 6

A fiery burst of freedom is followed on August 31 by more fire with Mercury Retrograde backtracking into Leo (we will especially feel this dysfunction because Mercury rules Virgo). On September 5 Mars joins the Sun in Virgo — Mars rules the body, so he will help us put into action all of our Virgo plans. Mercury Retrograde ends August 6 (yay!), and this is also the Full Moon in Pisces. Whatever seeds of intention we have planted for the Virgo season will hatch now.

Week 3: Sep 7 – 14

Mercury links up and comes home to Virgo on September 9, channeling the mind into the body and central consciousness — this is beyond helpful in realizing our goals. The last quarter moon in Gemini falls September 13 in preparation for the new moon.

Week 4 : Sep 15 – 22 : EARTH POWER

Last but not least, Venus joins the crew in Virgo on September 19, just in time for the new moon on September 20. The last three days of the Virgo cycle (September 19 – 21) will be the most powerful, so don’t worry if things feel clunky for the first few weeks.

You are made of light! Never forget! Twist your body to align with the stars – try some Virgo Yoga.

Mantra:  my body is sacred


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