Sun in Taurus ☼ Apr 19 – May 20

Apr 19 – May 20, 2017

Happy birthday my fellow bulls!

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets.

The Aries season demanded that we not become tangled in the ego, but this required a lot of work and focus. Prepare for life to decelerate now. Take solace in verdant leaves, in the majesty of rich soil, in the squirming-buzzing-jangling of birds, worms and humans emerging from winter’s cold shell.

At the beginning of the the zodiac wheel, the first seedlings are popping from the soul’s freshly burned forest floor, and you lay on the earth, delightfully cool to the touch, bursting with nutrients, and your heartbeat takes you down, your breath takes you down, down into the pungent soil. All is still, tranquil. A giant, silky cow ambles through a sun-streaked meadow. Climb on Taurus’ broad back. Her strength and resilience are remarkable, unprecedented. Plant this in your heart, sense the bull’s warmth and power blossoming throughout.

The bull directs prana downward: apana, toward the earth. In Ayurvedic medicine we know her as kapha. Taurus is all about home and feeling at home. The Taurus season is a celebration of wabi sabi. Wabi sabi is an untranslatable Japanese concept best described as the internal peace which arises as a result of feeling balanced with external surroundings. It is synonymous with divine simplicity and natural beauty. Wabi sabi is silently drinking tea with a friend, or watching a bear scratch its back on a tree on a misty mountainside morning.

Taurus can be graceful like a tender young branch, but she’s not naturally flexible. The bull’s soul is a geometric assemblage of rough edges. Life to her is short, uncomplicated and harsh. Taurus puts her roots down prematurely or in the wrong spot if she is too obdurate to try harder, to explore, to consider other options. But the bull who resists laziness carries her weight uphill with expertise. She climbs on, though her pack grows heavy. She refuses to settle, even when it would be “easier,” even when temporary relief beckons.

Taurus is indulgent, even hedonistic, but she helps us mold and shape life as long as we are diligent. Some call her picky or intransigent, but the bull is just udderly particular and does not shower us with abundance unless our path is precisely aligned with our highest Self.

The first day of Taurus coincides, yet again, with a quarter moon. It is an overwhelmingly earthy day and therefore supportive, like a healthy bed of flowers or a comfortable living space. Although I often write about quarter moons as challenging points, this one should be very smooth. Earth is firm and resistant by nature, but fortune comes to those who make change nonetheless. Change in the earth realm is structural, foundational, permanent. In other words, small shifts will not appease Taurus because she wants commitment. We can’t just shovel dirt around, we have to pour concrete and start building something real.

On this first day, something else cool is happening: the Sun and Mercury are conjunct. As Mercury is ruler of the mind and learning, this day will be marked by teacher-student energy. It’s a great opportunity to share our knowledge and/or pick up new skills.

The second day of Taurus is a different story. We have Pluto Retrograde beginning 4/20. This will be felt over the long-term. On April 21, Mars moves into Gemini. This airy position will greatly help us be more light and agile, qualities which Taurus naturally lacks. The new moon on April 26 is this cycle’s lowest energy point. Venus bursts back into Aries on April 28 so we won’t be down long, tossed once more, as it were, into the fiery energy of the spring equinox. On May 2 and May 3 we have another quarter moon and the end of Mercury Retrograde – these are huge shift days, so if you’ve been feeling stagnant, your dose of freedom comes here.

The Sun trines Pluto on May 9. We will be focused on growing and exploring. Bodies are strong and healthy. We feel powerful inside and out, and weaker ones look on with awe. Expect to help others, even on a spiritual level. Truth and our ability to perceive what is true will be paramount. Welcome the extraordinary into your life and prepare to work hard, but with joy and ease. All is taken in stride, effortlessly incorporated. All is natural, and consistently so.

The full moon on May 10 marks this cycle’s highest energy point. On May 15 Mercury will finally link back up in Taurus. Whenever the Sun and Mercury occupy the same constellation, harmony between Self/central consciousness/ego (Sun) and the mental process (Mercury) abounds. They will not be exactly conjunct as I have described above, but synchronized in intention all the same. One more quarter moon on May 18, then a big aspect with Saturn trine Uranus one day later. This transit, with the bull’s help, creates pleasing environments and moves us into a state of true happiness. It is not just an environment, however, but a microcosmic translation of a much grander design invisible to the eye. Change is a constant here, and what is sudden is good.

Not all of our plans may pan out the way we want, and that’s ok. Taurus teaches patience as she meanders sweetly through each day…

The first rays of springtime light wash over the earth, and we feast together on sunshine, on the scent of new grasses and the powdery pollens which dot the bees legs and petals here, there, and now your nose, wrinkling with joy. Stay rooted with Taurus Yoga.

Mantra:  I am home


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