Sun in Taurus ☼ Apr 19 – May 20

Apr 19 – May 20, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday my fellow bulls!

At the beginning of the the zodiac wheel, the first seedlings are popping from the soul’s freshly burned forest floor. Lay on the cool earth, bursting with nutrients, and let your heartbeat take you down, your breath down, down into the pungent soil. All is still, tranquil. A giant, silky cow ambles through a sun-streaked meadow. Climb on Taurus’ broad back. Plant her strength and resilience in your heart, and feel the bull’s warmth and power blossom from within. Take solace in verdant leaves, in the squirming-buzzing-jangling of birds, worms and humans emerging from winter’s cold shell.

Taurus is all about home and feeling at home. Meditate on wabi sabi. Wabi sabi is a Japanese concept best translated as internal peace which arises from feelings of balance with external surroundings. It is synonymous with divine simplicity and natural beauty. Wabi sabi is like drinking tea with a friend in silence, or watching a bear scratch its back on a misty mountainside.

Taurus can be graceful like a tender young branch, but she’s not naturally flexible. In Ayurvedic medicine we know Taurus as kapha. The bull’s soul is a geometric assemblage of rough edges. Life to her is short, uncomplicated and harsh. Taurus puts her roots down prematurely or in the wrong spot if she is too obstinate to try harder, to explore, to consider other options. But the bull who resists laziness carries her weight uphill with expertise. She climbs on, though her pack grows heavy. She refuses to settle, even when it would be “easier.” Taurus is indulgent, even hedonistic, but she helps us mold and shape life if we are diligent.

This cycle starts with a big weekend. April 22 is the first day of Pluto Retrograde and the first quarter moon in Leo. Could be volatile with anger or ego issues surfacing. On the full moon of April 29, the sun forms a beautiful angle to Saturn Retrograde. We will see this same aspect again on August 25 when the Sun is in Virgo. These are good days to embrace responsibility and self-discipline.

May 7 brings an exceptionally turbulent quarter moon. On the following day, May 8, the sun opposes Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio. Be very careful on these two days. On May 11 the sun forms a harmonious angle to Pluto. This will be a healing, cathartic day. May 15 is one of the most dynamic days of 2018. Early in the morning we have the new moon in Taurus. A few hours later, Uranus moves into Taurus too. This is a big deal – Uranus moves so slowly that he spends about 7 years in each constellation. More to come on that soon. And then, late that night, Mars enters Aquarius, the constellation ruled by Uranus. Expect the unexpected!

Not all of our plans may pan out the way we want, and that’s ok. Taurus teaches patience as she meanders sweetly through each day. Some call her picky or intransigent, but she is just udderly particular. The first rays of springtime wash over the earth. Feast on sunshine, on new grasses and powdery pollens dotting bee legs and petals here, there, and now your nose, wrinkling with joy. Be the bull with long walks outside and Taurus Yoga.

Mantra:  I am home


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