Sun in Sagittarius ☼ Nov 21 – Dec 21

Nov 21 – Dec 21, 2016 (Winter Solstice)

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Disclaimer: the Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets!

Weary traveler, turn toward this new horizon. Sagittarius the Grandiose is crackling into view. The purpose of the Sagittarius cycle is illumination of Truth. Just when you think you know what’s coming, the centaur says NOPE, try again. Prepare for a quickening – mutable energy moves rapidly. I visualize Sagittarius as a winter bonfire; a comet; noise and color spiraling forever out into space.

The Sagittarius cycle is an especially active one. We need lots of physical exercise lest we become restless. Even the smallest of pauses bring on boredom. Let the unexpected take precedence over planning. Getting work done is possible only if we can effectively wrangle this (excessive) energy. The archer’s greatest challenge: slowing down long enough to take a full breath and acknowledge the details – or make a decision.

Sagittarius lives in light and bliss. He has unmistakable charm and enthusiasm – hard not to love. In fact, the centaur finds it difficult to turn off the smile and get in touch with heavier aspects of life.

Life has just gotten very heavy here in the United States. We can find the seeds to this event in the murky folds of astrology, but it is much bigger than that. This new era speaks to our collective human destiny. It is our right and duty to fight, to instill beauty where there is nothing but hatred.

I am feeling numb, as so many are. I look to the stars like a child and remember that I am far from the first to harbor such sadness. In all times and places, men have come into power who are disgraceful, shameful. They do not represent the people. They represent only the twisted face of power. Greed defies human nature, makes a mockery of it. Greed is evil, unrecognized by tree or dragonfly, danced with by demons from the far reaches of inner hell.

But can we deny that this is a new horizon? It is time to put all our faith into the fact that we know nothing. Speculation strangles the mind. Unhook its claws and step into the certainty of the unknown.

We will not suck energy from the collective to support one individual path. Sagittarius will teach unity in the name of faith, of hope, of walking in the right direction.

We will not say or do whatever we want for personal gain. Sagittarius teaches the consequences of such selfishness.

We will not be aloof in the face of injustice. We will not exclude. We will not succumb. WE. ARE. ONE.

Sagittarius, deliver us to the fire’s gate, elevate this earth so full of people lost and weeping. Take a breath not for any particular tragedy, but for all pain. Your own pain, now and before. The lessons we learn from pain. The way pain clears you like a searing knife.

March in the street with your neighbors. Shout together, until the tears come. Purple and white stars coalesce…

Open your hips with Sagittarius Yoga.

Mantra:  still learning


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