Sun in Pisces ☼ Feb 18 – Mar 20

Feb 18 – Mar 20, 2017

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Disclaimer: the Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets!

Happy birthday Pisceans!

We are already at the final stop on the zodiac wheel, bedding down for springtime fire, a ravaging of the soul’s forest. If any spiritual/emotional work has been left undone, Pisces hordes her light. So when the ice beneath you starts to crack and drift, fall straight into the glacial melt baby – salvation awaits in the frozen grit!

When I visualize Pisces chasing tails in the holy water of eternity, I am simply inspired. Pisces is a trance, a vivid revery, a surrender to art and divine expanded consciousness. Flexible spine twisting in the river current, Pisces embodies many dimensions at once, delightedly drizzled betwixt blissful creative waves.

The Pisces cycle dismantles whatever is established during the autumnal Virgo season. Pisces is often fraught with indecision, psychic turmoil, frustration and inexplicable moodiness. The fishes are also nocturnal, so prepare for serious shift in your sleep schedule. Rather than fight it, just give in and see what happens. You might experiment with a two-sleep schedule, falling asleep first at sundown, waking around 4am and then sleeping again in the late morning or whenever you feel fatigued. Beware gravitation toward addictive behaviors at this time, especially drugs, alcohol, video games or any fantasy world afforded by technology. Again, I am not suggesting that you fight these impulses, just be very mindful.

Yeah, Pisces can be irresponsible and careless. It’s a deeply rooted issue, much deeper than you think. Consciously or not, she is always waiting for “the end” – who drafts a stable life with the latent knowledge that it could all disintegrate right here and now? We will examine the proverbial death of all thing by delving into intangibles like infinity, immortality and the subconscious.

Pisces lives on the spur of precious presence, disconnected from time and space. Yes, be here now, consumed by the beauty in all things, but also make sure you’ve covered the finer details enough to live another day. Remember to walk along the jeweled shoreline and ground yourself once in awhile.

The Pisces cycle blossoms to new heights of awareness and ecstasy, but before we get there, the fishes silently and masterfully take our most profound vulnerabilities and then, using these, break us down so completely that we turn helplessly to something greater than Self, something majestic and omniscient. Day-to-day concerns are nothing compared to this kind of self-work.

Emotional landscaping will not be straightforward. Imagine tumbling deep inside an underwater whirlpool, clueless and directionless. Paradoxically, the more we relax into the net, the faster we ascend. During the Pisces season we may feel very susceptible, energetic membrane thinning to nonexistence. But we can remain acutely sensitive as we rise with dignity from titanic depths, sky-piercing trident held aloft.

Notice that pain and suffering are in constant flux. Life continues as inexorably and relentlessly as water flows downstream. This is all part of something bigger. Have patience. Your progress will be clear at the end. The Pisces season takes place entirely internally, tucked away from sensory perception.

Pisces calls from her cove, trust me, sweet child, fall into my bottomless sea. Swim towards change and endings at full speed. Whatever transpires is designed with the inconceivable in mind. There’s a whisper, you’ll see.

Pisces is a tidal wave destroying all; the rocking and splitting of the earth crumbling into light; a high pitch of impending implosion; a long delicious dream. Wrapped in the mighty arms of soul-ocean, a diaphanous cocoon of lucid reality shields and protects. Watch the eel squiggle in her coral lair. Flow anywhere you like; unchain your heart; birth your silent, private intensity unto the world. This is liberation, this is metamorphosis.

Just as the Aquarius season had a rough start, so too will the fishes – the first day of Pisces sees us through another quarter moon. Mercury then meets the Sun in Pisces one week later, an auspicious day. This is when ego (Sun) syncs up with the mind (Mercury) – all very healthy. On February 26 we have a new moon solar eclipse. The following weekend, Venus Retrograde begins. This is a very tricky transit, occurring just once every 18 months. Venus Retrograde is as demanding as Mercury Retrograde, but with interpersonal relationships instead. All partnerships are up for serious review at this juncture – more on that later as well. On the same weekend, we have another quarter moon, so this is going to be a thoroughly challenging couple of days, cosmic warriors. Lastly on March 12 we have our full moon in Virgo. You will be kept well-informed as we continue marching forward.

Celebrate with Pisces Yoga.

Mantra:  All is One


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