Sun in Pisces ☼ Feb 18 – Mar 20

Feb 18 – Mar 20, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday fishies!

Here we are, the final stop on the zodiac wheel, bedding down in preparation for springtime fires. Pisces has the power to generate ecstasy, but FIRST…the fishes deftly break us down. Day-to-day responsibilities are often neglected when we are faced with the reality of plumbing these latent inner worlds. The Pisces cycle is often confusing. But when the ice beneath you begins to crack and drift, fall straight into the glacial melt baby – salvation awaits you down there!

Pisces is the sign of two fish chasing tails in the holy waters of eternity. They dismantle everything. As we learn to let go, we may be plagued by indecision, existential crises and moodiness. As the fishes are nocturnal creatures, prepare for changes in your sleep/dream life. Give in and see what happens. If you’re exhausted, experiment with a two-sleep schedule, sleeping first at sundown, waking around 4am and then sleeping again in the late morning for a few more hours.

This is when we are most vulnerable and prone to illness. It is a decidedly uncomfortable time, a time when we may fantasize of “swimming away,” disappearing without a trace. No one likes confronting the things that Pisces drags up. These things include addiction, resentment, betrayal, denial, deceit and a whole host of other nebulous, murky elements belonging to the subconscious. Beware addictive behaviors at this time.

Pisces represents the trance state, the vivid revery. Like her flexible spine twisting in the river current, Pisces embodies many dimensions at once, drizzled betwixt blissful waves. In this way, she is thoroughly disconnected from time and space. Remember to walk along the jeweled shoreline of the present moment if you feel yourself drifting out to sea.

Under the influence of Pisces, we may be irresponsible or careless. You might think: we’re at “the end,” proverbially or actually, so who cares? Take this time to reflect on the inevitable death of all things, the Life/Death/Life nature so lucidly outlined by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in “Woman Who Run with the Wolves.” Delve into intangibles, hypotheticals, dreams, wishes and all of your most intimate hopes for humanity.

The fishes swim in arcs and loops, not straight lines, so forget about order. The more we relax into the fisherman’s net, the faster we ascend. Pisces requires complete surrender to creation and divine consciousness. The more we create and release, breathe and sleep, walk and sing – the easier this cycle will be. Internalize nothing! Keep nothing! This is the last stop on the line, brothers and sisters, so where are you going to put all that baggage?

Feb 21 is one of the first groovy days of the Pisces cycle. Venus in Pisces will be conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces. A wonderful feminine influence, encouraging creative and emotional work, especially with a partner. Sing, dance and listen to music on this day. The full moon on Mar 1 looks sparkly and lovely, as does the day after, but not the day before! Mar 4 is the next gold star day, with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and Venus meeting up with Mercury in Pisces.

On Mar 5, the Pisces cycle takes a spirited turn as Mercury and Venus move ahead into fiery Aries. Mar 9-10 look like difficult days. However, on Mar 11 something of which we are unaware is coming our way. It should be a pleasant surprise, not an unwelcome one. Mar 13 may not start out well, but resolution will arrive by the end of the day. The sun is well-received by Venus when he lands in Aries. Mercury, though he will also be in Aries, is primed for another retrograde. Just two days after the sun enters Aries, Mercury Retrograde begins again. We will start feeling the funkiness as soon as Mar 8.

Pisces calls from her cove: trust me, sweet child, swim into my sea of long, delicious dreams. Pisces is a tidal wave, rocking and splitting the earth as she crumbles into light. Her diaphanous cocoon shields and protects. Wrapped in the mighty arms of ocean-soul, watch the eel squiggle. Follow her anywhere you like; birth your silent, private intensity unto the world. Welcome changes and endings, they are designed by something inconceivably glorious. Though we will be unusually sensitive, it’s ok, we can still rise with dignity from titanic depths, trident piercing the sky above. Life continues inexorably and relentlessly as water flows downstream. Have patience. The Pisces season takes place internally. Your progress will be clear at the end. Restore your body with Pisces Yoga.

Mantra: OM


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