Sun in Leo ☼ July 22 – Aug 22

July 22 – Aug 22, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday fuzzy cats!

Heart-deep in the astrological year, we arrive at Leo, king of the zodiac. Leo is ruled by the sun, so the sun is “at home” for this cycle. This is auspicious. Everyone loves Leo season. Due to the literal centrality of the ruling planet, Leo does think about himself a lot. Nonetheless, the lion holds himself to very high standards and can be quite self-conscious.

Like all members of the zodiac, Leo has many faces. One face of Leo is the playful child. This is the lion at his most innocent. Sometimes Leo is the Sun King, ruling with respect and compassion. Leo is also driven and hardworking, though this may be difficult to imagine if you catch him in lazy cat mode. Leo fantasizes about a life of total leisure and luxury. And then there’s Leo the tyrant, temperamental child, ego run amuck.

We have to be on guard against certain things during every solar cycle. In Leo, watch for anger and egotistical behavior. The lion does not like to be wrong and will enter into arguments just to win them. It’s impossible to avoid conflict entirely – energy rolls in from every corner of the starscape and here we are, soaking it all up. Not to mention that challenge means evolution so we should never retreat from it. What we can do is learn how to channel celestial energy into its purest form instead of squandering it on impulse. This is one of astrology’s greatest gifts. The more we learn about ourselves and the natural rhythms of the universe, the better we understand optimal conditions for their operation. With Leo, for example, the best way to channel his smoldering fire is through dancing, music, art and laughing. Distract yourself as you would a child.

Let’s talk about Leo’s most magical attribute: will power. For some, will power is not an issue and never has been, and you may very well be a Leo. A major karmic purpose behind incarnation as a Leo is to teach others the secrets of will. Will power is beautiful not just because it propels us into action, but in so doing, it erases our pain and leads us to understand that pain exists precisely so that it may be overcome.

Important: Mercury Retrograde begins on the evening of July 25, three days into Leo season. Early that same day, the Leo sun squares Uranus in Taurus, planet of the unexpected. Be VERY careful on this day. I do not recommend travel, investments or risk-taking of any kind. One day later on July 26, the Leo sun opposes Mars Retrograde in Aquarius. Watch for anger, accidents or explosions, emotional or otherwise. This will be a volatile day, but when properly channeled, an excellent opportunity to harness increased physical and sexual energy. And then on Friday July 27 we have a lunar eclipse! Those three days (Weds-Fri) are going to be intense and exciting.

On Aug 6 the Leo sun squares Jupiter in Scorpio – not an auspicious day. But two days later, on Aug 8, Mercury Retrograde backtracks all the way to the same degree as the sun. This is great! When the Sun and Mercury Retrograde share the same degree, the sun smoothes over the challenging aspects of the retrograde. In other words, if you need to travel or sign something important, do it on this day – it is almost as though the effects of the retrograde are suspended on this day, thanks to the fiery, manifesting influence of the sun. On Aug 11, we have a solar eclipse. The following weekend, on Aug 18, Mercury Retrograde ends!

Earthlings, whether you’re feeling elated or disappointed, manic or belligerent, smash it all together and set it free, get it out, sing it out. This cycle is about manifestation. What doesn’t come out will sit inside of you and turn gross and rotten (as does bottled anger) or restless (like brilliant ideas being ignored). We stay where we are because we are comfortable, we like things calm and familiar, and we fear what our tongues and hands will do if given permission to shake loose their fetters. Who are you to hide from the world? Express yourself with hoots, hollers and Leo Yoga.

Mantra:  I will


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