Sun in Leo ☼ July 22 – Aug 22

July 22 – Aug 22, 2017

Happy birthday kitties!

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated yet oversimplified astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – you are a whole soup of planets.

The beginning of the astrological year is over. Now Leo, king of the zodiac. Leo is ruled by the sun. In astrology we say that the sun is returning “home” at this time. The Leo cycle has many faces. One face of Leo is the playful child. This is Leo at his most innocent, determined to have fun. Sometimes Leo is the Sun King, ruling with respect and compassion. And then there’s Leo the tyrant, a child who’s lost control of his temper, ego run amuck.

Due to the literal centrality of the ruling planet, Leo thinks about himself a lot, it’s true. But though he may appear confident, Leo holds himself to very high standards and can be quite self-conscious. The lion does not like to be wrong. He is always armed with what he considers to be “the facts.” Leo is also hardworking and driven. However, this is difficult to imagine if you catch him in cat-mode. A common leonine fantasy is to live a life of leisure and bounty.

We have to watch for certain things during every solar cycle. In Leo, this would namely be anger. It’s impossible to avoid conflict entirely – energy rolls in from every corner of the starscape and here we are, soaking it all up. Not to mention that challenge means evolution so we should never retreat from it. What we can do is learn how to channel celestial energy into its purest form instead of squandering it on impulse. This is one of astrology’s greatest gifts. The more we learn about ourselves and the natural rhythms of the Universe, the better we understand optimal conditions for their operation. With Leo, for example, the best releases are dancing, music, art and laughing. Distract yourself as you would a child.

Focusing on negative qualities doesn’t elevate us to a higher consciousness, so let’s talk about Leo’s superpower: will power. I am fascinated by internal blockages. We all know that they are very real and can eventually manifest in the body as pain or serious illness. We know logically that taking steps to better our life will…better our life. Instead of feeling sorry about all the things we wish we were doing, why don’t we just do them?

The answer is different for everyone. For some, will power is not an issue and never has been, and you may very well be a Leo. One karmic purpose behind incarnation as a Leo is to teach others the secrets of will. Will power is beautiful not just because it propels us into action, but in so doing, it erases our pain and leads us to understand that pain exists precisely so that it may be overcome.

The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in Leo, so it will be quite leonine from the very beginning. On the inaugural Leo weekend, we have yet another Super New Moon in Leo. And then Mercury marches into Virgo July 25.

This depart is more significant than you might think. Mercury, Venus and the Sun never stray more than 45 degrees from one another as seen from Earth. Put another way, these planets are all usually in the same constellation, or, at most, one or two constellations away from one another. When Mercury and the Sun share the same constellation, life is productive and our thoughts/ideas (Mercury) successfully manifest outwardly (Sun). But if Mercury is alone in a constellation, the mind must also function alone, unaided by the Sun’s powers of manifestation. When Mercury is unsupported by the Sun and/or Venus, he does not have the proper energy to bring about change. Essentially this has the effect of focusing the mind intently on matters which, although they may be perfectly worthy of our attention, don’t actually contribute or produce anything very tangible.

Mercury and the Sun will only share Leo for the first three days of the season, and then Mercury will move forward and begin occupying our minds with Virgo-related aspects of life. You might see why this creates disconnect in daily life. The disharmony becomes even greater when Mercury turns retrograde on August 12!

On the weekend of July 29-30 we have two watery things happening: first, a quarter moon in Scorpio, then Venus moves into Cancer one day later. Any transit in a water constellation suggests emotional volatility, and with Leo’s influence this will be even more exacerbated. We have a lunar eclipse on August 7 (another day of real leonine heat). Lastly and with great excitement — the SUPER SOLAR ECLIPSE IN LEO (and last Super New Moon of the year) on August 21. It’s passing over Oregon and the rest of the United States, moving west to east in a southeastern trajectory!! I’m so pumped! And I’m totally going to be camping out on the beach with my favorite kiwi Ali Baba and whoever else wants to join! HAPPY ECLIPSE!! :D

Earthlings, whether you’re feeling elated or disappointed, manic or belligerent, smash it all together and set it free, get it out, sing it out. This cycle is about manifestation. What doesn’t come out will continue to sit inside of you, growing black and rotten (as does bottled anger) or restless (like brilliant ideas waiting for your green light). We stay where we are because we are comfortable, we like things calm and familiar, and we fear what our tongues and hands will do if given permission to shake loose their fetters. We all have unique expressive gifts, why should we hide them from the world? As discussed above, the first three days are the best window of opportunity to unleash your creative lioness. However, as this cycle is bookended by two incredible super new moons, I think the whole thing is going to be fucking rad. A little hallelujah’ll do ya! Express yourself with Leo Yoga.

Mantra:  I love myself


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