Sun in Gemini ☼ May 20 – June 21

May 20 – June 21 (Summer Solstice), 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

Happy birthday, wind spirits and sprites!

There’s so much noise in this modern world – humming drumming rumbling thundering buzzing filling every corner of our skies and roads. Gemini is like inward noise, what we call chitta in yoga: the constant fluctuation of the mind-current. It’s a scattered and structureless essence, a swirl of wit and creative energy, a dancing brain. Pure joy in this; everything bright, scintillating.

The season of insatiable mercurials has arrived: unending stimuli, mind circling interminably. Many Geminis are writers and artists who love puzzles and all manner of wordsmithery. We Gemini folk can taste our thoughts. Disjointed, somehow we stay in our sockets, barely. Like water contained by air, giving off the mere impression of solid earth. Dense skeins of information, like helixes of DNA, codes layered in etheric batter, all will be processed at light speed, granted we remain here, present. We may fidget or feel cagey if we must sit still, becoming rapidly disengaged from whatever is before us.

In Gemini’s eyes there is a knowing. He is cunning, with razor intellect and disarming charm. Gemini can instantly put others at ease, but internally, infamous tendencies are often at play. Gemini’s trust is notoriously elusive. He loves meeting and talking with strangers, but he struggles to form close, long-term relationships. Ideal Gemini scapes are airports, train/bus stations, metropolises, clubs, bars, malls, public squares, etc – anywhere one might get lost in a crowd and become someone else. Gemini thrives on such anonymity, on stranger danger and chameleon acts. A common Gemini fantasy is traveling the world and becoming a new person at each destination.

And yet, a well-defined comfort zone traps Gemini. The twins chase and obsess over their thoughts, spinning through infinite turbines until nothing more can be extracted. From this labyrinth he rarely emerges. This is partly why Gemini types make odd first impressions. Often they are totally silent or ignore everyone. Here is what is happening: they are feeling you out with an intensity far greater than you’ll ever realize. Gemini is a hopeless romantic, always dreaming that someone will fall in love with his silly secrets, his coy, boyish heart.

…How cathartic and comforting my dreams of twin flames, real and imagined, old and new. The love we share is intense, eternal, transcendental. In that DMT-fueled state of bliss, we are one, as we have always been, as we will always be. Words, gestures and bodies dissolve with a tiny pop and gush…

We will juggle many interests during this cycle. Ironically, Gemini is a poor juggler. You’d think otherwise, quicksilver locomotive that he is, but stability and self-control are scarce here. There it is, a glimpse of his flighty heart.

On May 23, the Sun forms a powerful angle to Mars in Aquarius – this will be one of the most active, decisive days of the entire cycle. Immediately preceded by two rather difficult days, it will be especially welcome. On the full moon of May 29, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) joins the sun in Gemini – always auspicious. June 5-6 will be interesting days, with high likelihood for interpersonal challenges, and Neptune forming a hard square to the sun and Mercury. Under this influence we may lie to ourselves, and we may lie so well that we don’t even know we are lying. A square with Neptune suggests confusion, blurry idealistic notions of the past, or feelings of neglect, or being misled. Needless to say, we will all be very sensitive. Open gently to this sensitivity.

Seedlings whirl on the wings of springtime. Gaia’s steady breath rolls across the soul’s forest floor. The humid soil dries beneath you. Inhale these winds of change. Ashes mingle aloft like tiny birds, only to land once more in the ocean: a cosmic tale of death and rebirth. May you feel light and invigorated and inspired. May your words ring with truth and freedom. Still the mind with writing, singing, meditation and Gemini Yoga.

Mantra:  change is good


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