Sun in Cancer ☼ June 21 – July 22

June 21 (Summer Solstice) – July 22, 2018

The Sun sign is a much-celebrated astrological element, usually given more significance than it deserves. Remember – the Sun is just one planet in your star-soup.

The summer solstice marks the beginning of Cancer season every year. Happy birthday crabbiez!

Cancer absorbs everything around her, including other people’s thoughts, moods and negative vibrations. For those who are already very sensitive, make a point to fortify your bubble every morning during this cycle. Visualize an impenetrable white light around your entire body.

Cancer is ruled by the moon. Every day the moon rises at a different time and place with a different shape and color. In similar fashion, the crab shifts from day to day. She is tender, nostalgic, forever mourning the sweetness of childhood.

Go home and spend time with family, if you’re willing and able. Take a walk down memory lane. Revisit your roots. Sleep in your childhood bed, hang out in grandma’s kitchen. Home, roots and family serve as a clarifying compass. These things remind us of who we are and who we are not. Our roots lay everything bare: neuroses, habits, forlorn dreams.

The qualities of the crab are undervalued by patriarchal society. Cancer nurtures all forms of life. She surrenders to the tides of her heart with total abandon. These tides are not always calm, and this season is awash with many moods, some lovely, others not. Take care of yourself, listen to both sides of your brain.

The crab is a slow-moving creature. In Ayurveda, Cancer is best represented by the kapha dosha, which is most similar to the water or earth element. Kapha individuals need more sleep than the average person. They are generally soft, gentle, dreamy, romantic, creative, intuitive, empathic and sentimental. Common characteristics of kapha individuals include introversion, tendency to gain weight, round faces and light colored eyes. Kapha types should avoid dairy and gluten and eat more raw fruit, vegetables and spicy foods. There are lots of free, legitimate tests you can take online to determine your dosha. Search for “dosha test” or “prakriti test.” I highly recommend finding out what your dosha is – this can be a HUGE help in deciding which foods are best for you to eat.

Speaking of food, Cancer rules the stomach, digestive system, pancreas, womb, breasts, sternum and lower ribs. Cancer Yoga is meant not only to open the heart and awaken your goddess, but can also alleviate indigestion.

One yogic concept I associate with Cancer is samana, which represents physical/mental/emotional forces spiraling inward. This force emanates primarily from the solar plexus and travels through the digestive tract. Samana translates as “middle” force because it lies in the center of the body, and because it integrates all other forces in the body. Samana governs agni, or “digestive fire.” Other physiological processes ruled by samana include absorption and assimilation of nutrients, intestinal consolidation, metabolism, homeostasis and emotional discernment. To keep samana strong and healthy, try twisting and folding poses to constrict the visceral organs and lower abdomen. Poses performed on the stomach also help spread samana throughout the body.

The first day of this cycle coincides with a difficult opposition between Venus and Mars. Mars Retrograde begins one day before the full moon on June 27. Mercury leaves the sun alone in Cancer on June 28 when he moves on to Leo. July 5 is not a good day to travel or take risks. One of the best days comes on July 8 when the sun forms a harmonious trine to Neptune. Jupiter Retrograde ends on July 10. The solar eclipse of July 12 will directly oppose Pluto – VERY INTENSE. The next Mercury Retrograde begins four days after the Cancer cycle ends.

Wind fades to rain, steadfast and unyielding, kissing seeds buried in forested souls. Drink these guiding waters, infuse your blood with love. I recommend ample moongazing, and prepare for a potent full moon and solar eclipse!!! Calm your heart with motherly advice and heart-centered meditation.

Mantra:  I feel


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