Sun & Supermoon in Pisces ♓ Feb 18, 2015

The Sun transits Pisces from February 18, 2015 until March 20. The New Moon in Pisces comes exact on February 18 at 6:47 pm EST.

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Disclaimer: when talking about Sun signs, it’s really more accurate to say “the Earth’s relation to the Sun” since the Earth is the one moving. An appropriate name for this much-celebrated, often oversimplified astrological element would therefore be “Earth Sign.” Please remember – you are a whole soup of planets!

If you are a Pisces, this is your Solar Return. All that was established at this time last year will now come to fruition. On the same day that the Sun transitions to the realm of the fishes, the New Moon in Pisces rises dark and silent in the sky. This one is a Supermoon – yes, even New Moons qualify – because, according to Richard Nolle’s definition, it occurs “…with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.” This phenomenon is also known as perigee. Every New Moon falls in the same sign as that of the Sun – this is precisely what makes it a New Moon. With the Sun in Aquarius for the last month, our attention was directed toward issues of freedom and radicalism. This was a period that married collaboration with bold, unadulterated expression. Pisces is comparatively much more passive and right brained. Prepare for life to slow down considerably over the next few weeks.

The Neptunian cycle

The New Moon in mutable water sign Pisces marks the kickoff for the coming month and the official end of the Aquarian/Uranian cycle. When I think of the Piscean fishes chasing tails in the holy waters of eternity, I am simply inspired. The creatures of the sea are here now to put you in a trance: one that evokes vivid reveries, total surrender to the power of art and divine recognition of the human mind’s capacity for expanded consciousness. Lest I don my rose-colored glasses too quickly, let me remind you that the fish are not always insightful or dependable. This is where we see the true mutable nature of Pisces. As a flexible spine twisting in the river current, Pisces energy embodies many dimensions at once. One moment we are lost in bliss, wave after wave of spiritual/creative insight pouring forth; but then this psychic wandering inevitably leads to an uncomfortable place; immediately the temptation to flee arises – so let’s stop here and discuss.

Imbalanced Pisces energy makes us too susceptible, our energetic membrane thinning to the point of nonexistence. The challenge is to maintain our sensitivity while we rise up with dignity from the depths, trident piercing the sky high above. The spine of the fish is narrow and delicate, so we harness the power of movement and adaptability rather than sheer endurance. The karmic purpose behind the Neptunian cycle is to address our spirituality and the proverbial death of all things. Pisces energy wants us to get comfortable with intangibles such as infinity, immortality, subconsciousness and transcendentalism.

Dismantling our work

Studying the polarities of the zodiac wheel is yet another effective method to learn more about the signs. You may recall that Virgo is Pisces’ opposite sign, 180 degrees across on the wheel. Virgo encourages us to structure life in the most efficient and pragmatic manner possible. In a way, the Pisces cycle is one giant dismantling of all this structuring and organization that we establish in the autumnal Virgo season. It’s not that Pisceans are irresponsible or careless, although they can be when imbalanced, but rather that the fishes are constantly preparing for “the end” – who needs a solid routine when all of life as we know it could disintegrate at this very second? This is how Pisces operates: on the spur of every precious moment, disconnected from any concept of time and space. So we must find a balance. Yes, I want to live in the present, utterly consumed by the beauty of the Divine in all things, and yes, I also want to make sure I’ve covered the finer details and prepared myself to live another day. Pisces swims freely in the ocean of forever while Virgo sits on the bank, wondering who’s going to make dinner and do the dishes. Let’s walk in between along the jeweled shoreline.

The Pisces cycle aims to achieve the same end by one of two means: by capitalizing on our creative/spiritual potential so that we may blossom to new heights of awareness, accompanied by a constant feeling of ecstasy and connectivity; or by silently and masterfully identifying the internal struggles that make us feel the weakest and most vulnerable and then, using these, breaking us down so completely that we have no option but to turn to something greater than the Self, something majestic and omniscient. Day-to-day concerns get left in the dust when it comes to this kind of self-work. Any emotional landscaping you do now will not be straightforward; close your eyes and imagine tumbling deep within an underwater whirlpool, clueless as to the direction of anything at all. This is what it feels like to be caught in the snare of the fishes. Paradoxically, the more you can relax into this process, the faster you will be able to find the sunshine and ascend to the surface.

Channeling mutable energy

Under the influence of mutable energy our heads are turned by many things at once. In the realm of Pisces, this tendency emanates from the heart and soul. We redirect our passions and hopes as quickly and effortlessly as an eel squiggling through a coral lair. Yes, matters of the spirit may feel more emotionally taxing than usual, but you will notice that the nature of this pain and suffering is in constant flux. Life continues to move along inexorably and relentlessly as water flows downstream. This is all part of something bigger. Have patience, even when there appears to be no method to the madness. The progress you make will only be obvious at the end, as everything happens now internally, tucked away from what our senses and normal perception can detect.

We’re at the final stop on the zodiac wheel, bedding down in preparation for the fires that will ravage the forests of the soul. If any spiritual/emotional work has been left undone, the fishes will not allow you to move forward until you’ve looked it right in the face. Pisces, like Virgo, strives for purity. As you surely know, we have to get down and dirty before the light reveals itself in full splendor. Fear not when the ice beneath you begins to crack and drift. Allow yourself to fall straight into the glacial melt, clothes and all. Salvation awaits you in the grit frozen to the bottom of the riverbed.

Suspended in the waves

Confidence and optimism may be elusive now depending on how balanced you feel coming in to this cycle. Allow your fear to take the form of curiosity. Allow yourself to trust fall into the bottomless sea within. Gather your hesitation and nervousness into a giant ball, lock it in your heart and then transform it into something bright and brilliant. Rather than evade and avoid, sweep yourself together from the inside out. Swim towards change and endings at full speed, knowing that whatever happens now is designed with something inconceivably magnificent in mind. When hard times come, listen closely for the voice that whispers, you’ll see. Water energy is inherently liberating. You can and must flow anywhere you like without clinging to any passing branches. Words and decisions and interests melt and fuse, melt and fuse. Unleash what lives in the privacy of your own heart and mind – birth your silent intensity into a world of noise and color and dance. It is all too easy now to drown out what we feel – face it! Become it!

We have considerably less control now, but that’s just how it has to be. Pisces is the tidal wave that destroys everything that no longer serves us; the rocking and splitting of the earth as she prepares to crumble into light; the high pitch filling your ears that warns of impending implosion. You see, focusing on details and organization is simply a waste of time. We must connect now – to anything – in preparation for metamorphosis. We must remember where we’ve come from and why we’re here.

Balanced Pisceans are humble and gently inspired by all that they see. A huge heart full of extraordinary passion and vision radiates a certain luminosity that requires no explanation. I expect that this transit will feel like one long delicious dream. We’re all about to get wrapped up in the mighty arms of the soul’s inner ocean. Here you are safe, shielded from the external world in your diaphanous cocoon of lucid reality. Flow in the direction of all things beautiful. Namaste.

If you are a Pisces or if you would simply like to know more about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.


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