Solar Eclipse 🔥 August 2017

Artwork: “The Nemean Lion” by John Martineau

Monday, Aug 21 at 10.18am PST

GREETINGS EARTHLINGS, greetings from the wilderness. I am back home after a month in the mountains, refreshed by wind, water and sun. Allow me to write you about the event so present on all of our minds, and quickly approaching the horizon: the solar eclipse of August 2017, what is projected to be the most-watched eclipse of all time. Is this simply because its trajectory runs across the United States? Because there are more people on our planet now than ever before? Or is there another reason, something more cosmic, magical, unprecedented?

Eclipses represent exactly this: the dawning of a new time; the departure from light to darkness back to light again. They suggest, by virtue of their potency, a radical shift. Something is overshadowed, replaced, overtaken.

The meaning of any solar eclipse is rebirth. In order to actually be reborn, we must enact the highest expression of who we are and what we will into existence. Dismantle the rest, as it is useless to you now. Whatever does not make you feel proud of who are or fails to nurture your creative Self must be forsaken.

Our drive and confidence are amassing rapidly under these celestial fires. Immeasurable strength lay dormant in the heart until pressurized into awakening, and now this power has lifted her head, teeth glowing, reminding us that she is very alive. The inner child has resurfaced as well, both the temperamental hothead and the carefree sprite. Our words have been laced with acid, and the impulse to argue or correct someone scorching on the tongue, provoked at the slightest. Cardiovascular exercise, spending time in/near water – to even these the raging bonfire has proved impervious.

During this Leo cycle we are gifted with new moon bookends: one came on July 23, and now another one comes at the end. Let us receive this double dose of leonine new moon medicine with an open heart. We can look to the new moon that just passed to better understand what to expect this month. We can look to our intuition. We can look to the collective hype, and the specific planetary points that this solar eclipse will touch. All lead us to understand the significance of our times, and why such an event has excited humans around the globe.

Many astrologers have written about this eclipse falling on the ascendant (rising sign) of 45. As this eclipse comes in Leo we know that what is being reviewed – replaced, overhauled – is inextricably bound to the fiery masculine pride of Self, ego, expression. This eclipse is slated to be at once catastrophic and emancipatory. 45 displays his slovenly ego every day. Rather than uplifting and enlightening 45 to the next level of consciousness, the moon will destroy his narrative, his means of expression. It will cast a shadow on all that he represents, all that he stands for, all that he wishes to communicate. And for this we rejoice.

This eclipse carries a powerful statement: the fire of masculinity is changing in purpose. It has long magnified and exacerbated systematic violence and oppression of the Other. And now my belief, my will, is that this fire remember its healing tonic qualities; that it may be a flaming flower wreathing Shakti’s breast. May we take this sun, this fire, deep inside the soul, incubate it, fan its transformation. Yin and yang unite and intertwine. We will not drown in the ocean unaided. We shall merge sun and moon on our own. We will swallow it whole and watch the wild woman warrior climb wolfishly to the top of her throne. With our eyes as witness and minds wide open, welcome this vision of the new earth.

This solar eclipse will also be forming a perfect trine (120 degree triangular formation) to Uranus Retrograde in Aries. Any dance with Uranus means only one thing: expect the unexpected. Uranus is shocking. He appears out of nowhere. He is accidental, unforeseen, revolutionary. As trines are harmonious aspects, expect extremely fortuitous circumstances to materialize, or an unanticipated ability to summon such circumstances at will. Few eclipses are as colorful, celebratory or social as this one will be. EXPRESS YOURSELF with Leo Yoga! To find your personal moon sign, click here.

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