Solar Eclipse in Virgo ♍ Sep 1, 2016

Thursday, September 1 at 5.04am EST

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Remember the Supermoon Solar Eclipse in Pisces earlier this spring? We’ve arrived at the next major turning point in a series of Virgo-Pisces eclipses rising from March 2015, culminating in February 2017.

The Virgo season begins in the final leg of the New Moon in Leo cycle where the lion still lolls in summer’s endless golden fields, no intention of moving. This leonine energy wafting the skies is befuddling, as when you’ve stayed too long in bed, all the while knowing that work awaits. If something dense and smoldering lingers, make room for freshness. Only then will the Solar Eclipse in Virgo lift us to clearance, elevated in awareness.

Virgo waits lovingly, patiently as we wander toward the waning August sun. Soon she will call our name. She swoops in with galactic force, flinging us into timespace spiral. So enjoy the evanescent glow of freeflow. I feel her coming, footsteps growing louder in the hall. One more intoxicated dance beneath the moonlight, then we have to work.

Let’s rewind to March. At this point, prepared, eager, to surrender. The Virgo-Pisces polarity sings of cutting delusion and acting on intuition.

In late March we are humble yet rhapsodized farmers, scurrying across the soil, burning like a bonfire in newfound delirium. Those seeds have popped into the sun and now stand heavy with ruby fruit, ripe and prophesied.

You cannot replant, nor can you waste. So we bend to the earth with a great bow and pull from her tenderly the berries of our sewing. This harvest of the soul is rapid transport from one level of consciousness to the next. Metamorphosis of this kind is best facilitated through physical labor or any shift in your work life. Gaze profoundly into the nature of your work, the people with whom you work and your most honest feelings about your work.

At the hour of harvest, we cannot alter what we have received upon the vine, in the heart, poked under the skin, karmic upload. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo is too pragmatic even for such nostalgic thoughts – instead you must decide on the spot what you will do, how you will manage, what will go where.

Virgo’s mantra: I analyze.

Create your plan before the action hits and make it prudent, too much so, humorously, baldly mocking your untamable wildness. This eclipse does not like risk-taking, mystery, unchecked optimism or zonked out stoner brain. The mind must be clear enough to look through: whitest crystal, gurgling golden in the sunset. Play and childhood are over for now. Draw open the shed door, quietly lift the tools from tiny nails stuck shyly, modestly like forgotten quills, a splintery cedar hide. Dawn washes you in nectarine-powder-blue, and you step with sure feet toward the far fenceposts, breath almost hanging, a chill just there beside your skin, and a deep peace in your heart, wrapped in blue woolen love.

Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with Virgo Yoga.

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Mantra:  harvest time


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