Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct 23, 2014

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio comes exact on October 23, 2014 at 5:57 PM EST

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Tomorrow we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse coinciding with both the Sun and Venus moving into Scorpio as well…!

This is not just a New Moon but also a (partial) Solar Eclipse, making it even more powerful. Every New Moon falls in the current sign of the Sun. This is precisely what makes it a New Moon. With the Sun now moving into Scorpio, the New Moon falls in Scorpio also.

From CafeAstrology:

This is the final eclipse in a series falling along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Even though we are starting fresh, we’re also cleaning up.

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The New Moon in fixed water sign Scorpio marks the kickoff for the coming month and the official end of the Libra cycle. In classic astrology, Scorpio concerns power, control, intimacy and finance – all that underlies. Scorpio lives in the unseen, the hidden, the omniscient. As a result, our attention is now directed inward to examine both the Self and others. We are curious about what motivates people to act and say the things they do; we also ponder our own habits and reactions – what is really causing me to feel this way? What is the root, the true source? Our objective is to understand every layer of every situation, but not just cerebrally. We want to feel wisdom reverberate in the soul and psyche.

Which elements in your life make you feel out of control? Be honest with yourself about relationships, debts, addictions or other heavy burdens that no longer serve you. The scorpion constantly seeks cathartic release. When balanced, Scorpio energy is deeply spiritual, empathic, intuitive and perhaps even psychic. Sometimes the scorpion is illustrated as a strictly dark and morbid entity. I would like to remind everyone that the scorpion is ultimately swimming towards the depths in order to be reborn. The goal is transformation: endlessly cycling from one blissful metamorphosis to the next, pure joy.

In the process of investigating where we need more control in life, we also come to understand what is really causing us to gravitate toward bad habits. Maybe something is missing, or dragging you down? This is the perfect time to detox from negative behavioral patterns. The scorpion is a masterful minimalist and essentialist. Get rid of anything you don’t need. Be lighter. Take deep breaths, close your eyes. Feel your spirit spiral out into the space you create within.

One more from CafeAstrology:

An intimate partnership may be left behind, or a source of money might end, and either of these situations pushes us to learn to depend on ourselves and to recognize that we don’t necessarily need these things to survive. Ultimately, we are now in a position to understand that changes or endings are necessary for our own growth, and that we can handle these things.

The Libra cycle encouraged us to create order in our surrounding environment. Now we probe the inner workings. In understanding the subconscious motivations of others, we become ever more powerful. The greatest challenge for the scorpion is learning how to use this power correctly. On one hand, being able to read people so accurately allows for manipulation and deceit. However, this can also be channeled as empathy. Insight to the emotions of others makes forgiveness easier. Remember all that we have learned over the past month from Libra: we have a duty to be respectful to both the Self and others lest we superciliously create imbalance in our environment.

The fixed nature of this phase manifests in the apparent urgency of our desires at this time. Our passion is best harnessed when funneled into one major project or relationship. Scorpio values quality over quantity, no exceptions. One key to unlocking scorpion magic is spending time fixedly and passionately on one endeavor; this is much more satisfying than diverting our attention to other things that are not as meaningful.

On a personal note, this New Moon has been, yet again, quite symbolic for me. I am moving into a new apartment! Yay!

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Mantra:  I am fearless


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