Solar Eclipse in Pisces 🐟 Feb 26, 2017

Sunday, Feb 26 at 2.52pm EST

Learn about the Moon. Learn about Pisces.

Remember the Solar Eclipse in Virgo last September? Welcome to the follow-up. We’ve arrived at the final eclipse in a series of Virgo-Pisces eclipses that began in March 2015 and culminates NOW NOW NOW!!! BE HERE NOW. THE TIME IS NOW.

The purpose of any new moon – and/or eclipse – is to clear out and start over. We must enact the highest expression of who we want to be at the beginning of each lunar cycle. Dismantle what remains. You can’t take it with you, lovelies, even if you try, so let it all go.

Let’s rewind momentarily to that eclipse in September. This heralded shift in our work life and freshly elevated awareness. Seeds popping in the sun, vines heavy with ruby fruit, we bowed to the earth to pull from her tenderly the berries of our sewing: a heartfelt ode to labor, both physical and emotional.

The Virgo-Pisces polarity is about cutting through delusion, listening to intuition and acting accordingly. We are prepared, eager to surrender and begin. The stars have yanked us into the seething, roiling pot of What Must Be.

These eclipses have instructed us to stand up for what we believe and trust that Life will support us in this endeavor (Pisces). As a result, we may truly be of service (Virgo) to Self. In being of service to Self, we consecrate our highest duty to humanity. We can do nothing for others except love and work on ourselves.

Often the word faith is invoked when astrologers talk about Pisces. Beyond faith there is trust, blind trust. At this eclipse last year I stood on a train platform in India, having just learned that I would, quite unexpectedly, be taking the train alone. Horror stories of other women’s Indian train travels shot through my pounding heart. It was International Women’s Day. On the platform across from me, a man attempted to get my attention by openly masturbating. A three-day journey from the southernmost point of India to the foothills of the Himalayas was now slowly rolling into view. I got on that train. There I lay dreaming, reading and writing fiendishly on my tiny mattress. Click-click-click-clack-click-click-click-clack lulled me through the days. And nothing happened – in fact, I was scared to leave the train once it finally stopped.

Pisces is at once sleeping and in motion. Even in stillness, we are rapidly transported from one consciousness to the next. Relax your grip and envision this.

If you’re in the UP, join me for a workshop at the Marquette Yoga Center on Feb 25 and 26! Celebrate the eclipse with Pisces Yoga. YOU ARE LOVED.

To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

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