Solar Eclipse in Leo 🐱 Aug 11, 2018

Saturday, Aug 11 at 2.59am PST

Happy new moon and happy solar eclipse! Eclipses represent rebirth and the dawning of a new age. We just had a solar eclipse in July, and a momentous full moon lunar eclipse on July 27. Now another solar eclipse in Leo, just like the epic solar eclipse of August 2017. Think back to Leo season of last year (and especially the eclipse) to get an idea of what’s coming next. This eclipse is partial, not full, and will only be visible to viewers near the arctic circle in Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia and northeastern Russia.

Certain manifestations of leonine energy are quite unbecoming. Willful, forceful behavior is one of them. Leo is ruled by the sun, and just as the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun, Leo tends to think of himself as the center of all, and deserving of all. In the age of social media and extreme selfie narcissism, the distinction between pride and self-love vs. fantasy and delusion is crumbling. The lion may operate from a place of anger, expecting much and giving little (if anything) in return. This is the ego in its most basic form.

Pressurized into awakening, the ego lifts its head, teeth glowing, very alive. The inner child has surfaced, both the tyrant and the angel. Words laced with acid, and the impulse to argue or correct scorching on the tongue, provoked at the slightest. The wildfire within proves impervious to all tonics and coolants.

It is very easy at this time to get cranky or lose our temper over practically nothing. Have patience with others. Take time away from people/places when you need. At this time last year I was confronted by a powerful anger within myself that I didn’t realize was still there, all triggered by a very sweet and innocent person. I was absolutely engulfed with rage for no reason. This friend of mine did nothing wrong, yet I projected everything onto her and treated her like a child. Really I was the child, unable to see beyond my own fiery ego.

This kind of rage arises when we haven’t worked through something. Acknowledging personal faults is not Leo’s strength. The entire archetype of Leo is about identity and personal narrative. It is both uncomfortable and absolutely necessary to gaze within and dissect our narrative about who we are, what happened to us, what we do, and on and on.

I went to the enormous eclipse festival in Oregon last summer. Looking back, I still don’t know what to think. Yes, watching the eclipse with 40,000 people was life-changing, and I don’t know if I will ever have words for that, but the rest of the festival brought something out of me, something I wish I could stuff back inside, hide away. Naked bodies and drugs and hot sunshine, dust and long lines for the bathroom, screaming and drinking and drums pounding. Everything coalesced into one giant thumping bass note and I felt like I was 18 in Boston again, getting sucked into the sidewalk, the bars, the city lights.

I learned, again, not to compromise my values for a momentary thrill. Be kind and gentle. Be grateful for the love in your life. Be a good friend, neighbor and partner. As always, release through art, music, dance and maybe some primal screaming. At this time, we must enact the most truthful, authentic version of who we are and what we will into existence. Whatever does not make you feel proud of who you are must be forsaken.

Ever since Mercury entered Leo a few weeks ago, these leonine themes are returning for me all over again. I’ve been more stubborn and judgmental with my partner, and yet very complacent when it comes to myself. The ego is incredibly protective. As time passes, these walls and blinders become thicker and harder to destroy. Mercury will still be retrograde in Leo at this eclipse, which further intensifies the fire. Mars will also still be retrograde.

The good news is that toxic masculinity is transmuting on our planet. These eclipses are forcing all of us to recognize that within every man there is a woman, and within every a woman a man. This fire is remembering itself as a flower wreathing Shakti’s breast. Incubate fire and water, fan their alchemical destiny. See the moon swallow the sun whole, see the wild lioness reclaim her throne.

Few archetypes are as colorful, celebratory or social as Leo. Drive and confidence soar under these celestial fires. Express yourself with Leo Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I LOVE


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