Solar Eclipse in Cancer ♋ July 12, 2018

Thursday, July 12 at 7.49pm PST

Happy new moon and happy solar eclipse!! Eclipses represent rebirth and the dawning of a new age. They take us from light to darkness back to light again. They suggest, by virtue of their potency, a radical shift. Something is subsumed, transmuted. This is all happening in Cancer, the constellation ruled by the moon herself. At this new moon solar eclipse, Luna silently carves our path in perfect darkness, sizzling in midsummer heat. This eclipse is partial, not full, and will only be visible to viewers in the very southern regions of Australia and New Zealand – most of the eclipse takes place over open water.

This solar eclipse will be exceptionally powerful because the moon and sun will be exactly opposite Pluto Retrograde. This opposition suggests intense, passionate feelings. The moon and sun confront Pluto in a squall of fear, envy, manipulation, mistrust, guilt and identity/existential crises. It is important that we share our feelings lest these energies erupt in a volatile fountain of rage, or linger in the form of depression or self-destructive behavior. Find a happy medium between internalizing and exploding. Let the ultimate goal be peace, and let your comportment reflect this intention. If you are feeling stuck, meditate on the golden eagle or the phoenix. Get up, create something with this profound energy, be productive.

At the bottom of Pluto’s frozen seas we find only ourselves and our own fears, and though they loom large, that’s all they are. Advocate for yourself and your right to expression. Remember that not all feedback is criticism, and not everyone is trying to exploit you. Look for the good in others. Pluto is the best teacher in the zodiac because he categorically denies entrance to all who are not yet ready for change. Fear of change means stagnation, so kiss your darkness, kiss your loony soul, accept your whole self. It’s just like the solar eclipse: light and darkness merge. No union is real or complete without both. It is time to embody the most truthful, authentic version of ourselves.

This journey through the tides is undeniably magical. In every pool a sonorous resonance, a low song for the weary and the tender. Are you fantasizing about starting over? Swimming in Cancer’s ocean, gripped by childlike thoughts and patterns, devastatingly sensitive? It’s time to let go. Stargazers, fear not, just let go, let go, let go. Let go, no matter what you’ve been told, no matter how frightening the thought of letting go may be.

This eclipse, unlike many others, is a settling, riveting force. If you’re not happy, make a change. Vacate the premises, quit your miserable job, leave your not-so-perfect lover, whatever. Of course change can be made whenever, but the longer we wait, the more complicated life becomes, and eclipses provide the perfect window for change. You’re making the right decision if your heart feels lighter. Do not ignore your intuition – ever!

See sun and moon together. Incubate fire and water, fan their alchemical destiny. See the moon swallow the sun whole, see the wild wolf woman reclaim her throne. Welcome this vision of the new earth. A flood is rising, and though it threatens to wash us away, we will ride it out. The moon’s waters come thrashing and moaning in tidal waves of love. We die inside of her and rise, reborn, with the certainty that whatever comes next is more glorious than whatever we leave behind.

The moon enters Leo the day after the eclipse. On July 17, the moon enters Libra, marking the end of the new moon solar eclipse period and beginning of the quarter moon station. When the moon is in Cancer, it is a good time to plant and eat dark leafy greens. Cancer rules the digestive system in the body. Under her influence, our bodies require fresh, nutritious food. Avoid sugar, red meat, dairy and alcohol. Love yourself with heart-centered meditations and Cancer Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am free


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