Saturn turns direct in Scorpio ♄ Aug 2

Saturn turns direct in Scorpio from Aug 2 – Sep 17, 2015 before reentering Sagittarius

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From October 2012 to December 2014, Saturn transited Scorpio. Thanks to a recent retrograde period, we had the oh-so-lovely opportunity to experience this very intense transit all over again. So we’re back, moving forward in Scorpio, but only for the next few weeks before Saturn returns to Sagittarius for good. Saturn in Scorpio is a time of intensive scrutiny. Here we examine the dichotomy of faith versus control. If this has been an exceptionally difficult period up until now, it’s about to get a little better. Let us rise up now with unprecedented confidence.

Saturn in Scorpio is a (re)discovery of our worth. Although the retrograde period is arguably a more trying time, we’re still not out of the woods. While Saturn constantly claws at our most hidden, visceral insecurities, Scorpio desperately tries to cover them up: vulnerable yet restricted. Like a scorpion lying flat between rock and earth, we reach blindly for total contact and closeness. In the process, we come ever closer to the Self and are forced to confront fears. We want to bare our soul completely, but this very thing is the most excruciating. This is how Saturn operates! We are asked us to peer into the heart to see all that hurts. We have to feel everything at the deepest level before we can move forward. Can you stand alone? Do you you have total control over the Self? These are questions to ask now. Ultimately Saturn in Scorpio teaches that we cannot be close to another until we learn how to be close to the Self – to know and love the Self inside and out, no fear or judgment. The Self is the only agent who controls and creates reality! These are very difficult lessons that take many lifetimes to perfect.

Saturn in Scorpio demonstrates that we must give up perceived power to gain new understanding – this is not easy! In the process of giving up power, we may push away love, or, alternatively, cling to that which is failing and end up losing health, happiness and appreciation for the present moment. Leaning on others from time to time is perfectly natural, but we must learn how and when these dependencies become unhealthy. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, let’s transform heavy emotional baggage. Saturn in Scorpio does not allow us to cast blame. This is a critical period in which we reclaim personal accountability – only YOU can make yourself happy!

This transit recognizes change as vital. We will be pushed, not led. Saturn in Scorpio renders definitive endings and beginnings that help us grow and mature. Let’s get more comfortable talking and thinking about purpose. Our first inclination may be to shy away from that which is actually there to heal us. The source of bad habits, compulsions, debts and addictions will be revealed so that whatever is truly missing – whatever it was that caused a state of imbalance – can rise to the fore of consciousness. Saturn in Scorpio allows us to see what truly matters and what doesn’t. If balanced, you will walk away now with the ability to love and forgive with ease and find meaning even in darkness, mystery and confusion.

Saturn operates within a framework, structured and disciplined. I know, this doesn’t sound very fun. But here we are again: one last squeeze before we can pop back into lighter times. One last opportunity to move in, straight to the core. I think we’ve all been feeling it coming. Energy lately has been dense, heavy, impossibly difficult. As with all things related to Saturn, we must examine issues of control. I’m with you when you say that you’ve been there, dealing with it, thinking about it. Turn back, go back – there’s more work to be done. Something has been left unattended.

This transit is slow, cumbersome. It’s so important to stay optimistic and lighthearted. Keep moving and breathing – Saturn will work behind the scenes for you. I firmly believe that sitting around and marinating in the scorpion’s brew will not help anything. As much as I love my own scorpion essence, she is an undeniably dark creature. However, she is also profoundly spiritual and at the end of the day, she wants to help you transform into blinding brightness.

Sometimes I wake up and there’s a grinding feeling in my neck bones. Saturn forces us to be precise – Zen Ren, what is this pain? Get to the root. One last haul over this huge fucking mountain. It will quickly become clear who is ready to sweat and who’s just going to cry through the whole thing. LET’S DO THIS. Good luck! You are loved.

Many will now experience a Saturn Return. More to come on that! To find out your Saturn sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here.

Mantra: I am in control


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