Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio ♄ June 14 – Aug 2

Saturn continues his retrograde transit in Scorpio from June 14 – August 2

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To be very clear, planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as “backwards” functioning of the planets and their respective roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde motion.

In classic astrology, Saturn rules earthbound Capricorn, but he’s been transiting fiery Sagittarius since December 2014. Saturn in Sagittarius embodies quite the contradiction: Saturn is all about contraction, Sagittarius expansion. Sagittarius stretches us beyond what we believe possible, while Saturn mandates that everything be traditional, concise and orderly. Saturn in Sagittarius grows rapidly, yet still within a framework: structured and disciplined evolution. Sagittarius rules truth, morality and honor. Saturn in this placement seeks philosophies that uplift and empower. Sagittarius is a free thinker, but this is not how I would describe Saturn. Saturn will not indulge the centaur’s propensity for irresponsibility or recklessness.

Saturn in Scorpio

For the last three months, Saturn has been spinning retrograde in Sagittarius, but now we’re dialing all the way back into water-loving Scorpio. Before last winter, Saturn had been hanging out in Scorpio since October 2012. The themes we are about to encounter are therefore already very familiar to all of us on a personal level. Saturn in Scorpio: a time of intense scrutiny. Both Saturn and Scorpio energies can be suspicious and manipulative when imbalanced. Combined, these energies direct our attention towards issues of power. Saturn in Scorpio reveals what makes us feel vulnerable, especially in relation to our dependencies. It is perfectly normal and natural to have dependencies, but now is the time to cut ties with people, support systems and addictions that no longer serve us. Although it is unpleasant, this process will leave us feeling even more empowered and purposeful than before.

While Saturn claws at our most hidden, visceral insecurities, Scorpio desperately attempts to cover them up. Saturn in Scorpio examines intimacy. We have more demands and expectations for others. Any and all illusions are exposed, giving us total insight into the true nature of our relationships. Saturn in Scorpio urges us to share our souls without fear of rejection, but this very thing is the most excruciating. Like a scorpion lying flat between a rock and the earth, we reach blindly for total contact, and in the process come ever closer to the Self. There is an inherent conflict here between control and faith. Ideally we come to realize that we are master of the Self and nothing else – the Self entirely controls and creates reality. How much energy are we expending trying to change that which we cannot? Do we cling to blame and grudges? Where can we be more forgiving? Issues surrounding debt – either material or emotional – may figure prominently in this transit.

Saturn Retrograde

For about 4.5 months out of the year, Saturn is retrograde. Saturn Rx asks us to review and accept our “failures” – but are they really? The Buddha decried that there is no failure, only lessons learned. If you have been working with sincerity radiating from your heart and soul, karma will reward you handsomely now. Saturn delivers his gifts of abundance even if we do “fail.” As with everything in life, intention rules supreme. Acting insincerely permits Saturn Rx to unleash the full glory of his consequences. Whether you’ve been slacking or not, this transit is really just one long test of endurance. Progress must be examined with utmost realism. Saturn Rx wants to know: what are you truly capable of?

Peering into the heart and gut to see all that hurts, all that we’ve lost and all that makes us less than happy is our task now. Saturn Rx in Scorpio asks us to confront our pain so that we can begin healing. It’s time to delve into the subconscious to see which patterns dictate our lives. Before we can conquer these vicious cycles, we must face them head-on. This transit demands that we feel everything at the deepest level before we are allowed to move forward. If you attempt to rush this process, you will be presented with even more challenges. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we can and will transform. This is a critical period in which we reclaim personal accountability – only YOU can make yourself happy!

Slow and steady

Saturn moves slowly and deliberately. He demonstrates that nothing is worth having if it is does not take time and work. I visualize Saturn Rx in Scorpio reaching down into the dark profundity of the psyche to overturn blackened rocks and logs. What’s underneath? Our first inclination may be to shy away from that which is actually a healing force. Let’s face and define spiritual blocks with the knowledge that, in so doing, we effectively dissolve the power of lingering fear, hesitation and mistrust. Indeed, to know the problem is to know the solution. If balanced, you will find meaning even in mystery and confusion.

Saturn teaches that change is necessary to move forward. Nothing about this planet is quick, easy or direct. We will be pushed, not led. Saturn Rx in Scorpio renders definitive endings and beginnings that help us grow and mature. The source of bad habits, compulsions, debts and addictions are revealed so that whatever is truly missing – whatever led to a state of imbalance in the first place – can be illuminated. Life might get messy as we turn to that which we have suppressed. Think of this transit as an expedition into a deep, dark cave: you only want to do it once, so do it well! Expect some fuzziness concerning long-term goals, plans and responsibilities.

I was born when Saturn was retrograde. Those with this disposition may not feel the effects of this period as much, if at all. To find out your Saturn sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here.

If you are curious about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight.

Mantra:  I am in control


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