Saturn in Sagittarius ♄ 2014-2017

Dec 23, 2014 – Dec 19, 2017

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Since October 2012, Saturn transited fixed water sign Scorpio. This was a time of intense scrutiny. Here we examined the dichotomy of faith versus control. This was an exceptionally difficult period. We will rise up now with unprecedented confidence.

Saturn in Scorpio was a (re)discovery of our worth. While Saturn constantly clawed at our most hidden, visceral insecurities, Scorpio desperately tried to cover them up: vulnerable yet restricted. In the process, we came ever closer to the Self and were forced to confront fears, particularly the fear of rejection. We wanted to bare our soul completely, but this very thing was the most excruciating. This is how Saturn operates! We were asked us to peer into the heart and gut to see all that hurt us, all that we lost and all that made us less than happy. We had to feel everything at the deepest level before we could move forward. Ultimately Saturn in Scorpio aimed to teach us how to be close to the Self – to know and love the Self inside and out, no fear or judgment. We were reminded that the Self is the only agent who controls and creates reality.

Saturn in Scorpio demonstrated how we must give up perceived power to gain new understanding – this is not easy! We learned that leaning on others from time to time is perfectly natural. We also learned how and when these dependencies can become unhealthy. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we transformed heavy emotional baggage. No matter, Saturn in Scorpio did not allow us to cast blame. This was a critical period in which we reclaimed personal accountability.

This transit encouraged us to recognize change as vital and to sit calmly with fear and depth. We were pushed, not led. Our first inclination might have been to shy away from that which was actually there to heal us. The source of bad habits, compulsions, debts and addictions was revealed so that whatever was truly missing – whatever it was that led us to a state of imbalance – could be illuminated. Saturn in Scorpio plunged us into the subconscious realm so that we could see what truly matters and what doesn’t. If balanced, you will walk away now with the ability to find meaning even in darkness, mystery and confusion.

To say the least, we are entering a completely different cycle now. Saturn is all about contraction, Sagittarius expansion. The challenge is to stretch and spread, but not in an unruly way. Saturn in Sagittarius demands that we grow rapidly, yet still within a framework, structured and disciplined. Sagittarius rules truth, morality and personal codes. This is where Saturn directs his iron first now: are you living in accordance with your code? Do your beliefs reflect your true Self? Rather than moving in, we’re going out now. We seek wisdom, experience and all that connects us to something greater than the Self. We are on a quest to learn about anything and everything. However, we must move with caution. Saturn will not let the centaur be irresponsible or reckless, as is the nature of this mutable fire sign. We feel a constant need now for greater awareness but will not be allowed to lose touch with reality. From CafeAstrology:

Sagittarius can be a little “messy” in its pursuit of new knowledge and experiences, and Saturn wants to clean this up. Sagittarius focuses on the big picture and gains confidence as a result, but Saturn wants us to fill in some of the details. Positive thinking is wonderful, but if it doesn’t have basis in reality, it can lead us astray or to disappointment, and this is another of Saturn’s lessons.

As with all things related to Saturn, we must continue to examine issues of control. This control now centers on information and belief systems, ruled by Sagittarius. Are you content with your personal beliefs, or do you try to persuade others of “the truth”? And are you walking the talk – you know, the moralistic talk?

This transit encourages movement: move your body, and the mind moves too. To melt the proverbial ice, we must incorporate heat and friction. You may take an interest now in sports, in particular those which are solitary. At a very basic level, it is important to be active every day, even if that just means walking or stretching. Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to circulate ideas – there is no better catalyst for such a thing than moving the body.

Coming into alignment with philosophies that uplift and empower is the goal now. This may include an interest in religious or spiritual teachings. One thing is sure: Sagittarius is a free thinker. However, this is not how I would describe Saturn. Best case scenario, we’ll find freedom in our responsibilities. Consider the following paradox: we have more freedom if we first give attention to our responsibilities – getting all of our work done gives us more time to be! To live! To run around! One place we can find this freedom is in new skills and knowledge. This is the perfect time to get certified in a trade or go (back) to school.

Normally Sagittarius has absolutely no filter, but Saturn’s influence will temper this. Whereas the centaur archer is usually comfortable just shooting the shit and saying whatever, Saturn will force us be precise. Are you really that confident, or just spouting off? A keyword here is authenticity. It will quickly become clear who is genuine and who’s just putting on a show. Speak and act sincerely and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Expect mentors to begin entering your life; this is what happens when Saturn the Patriarch joins up with Sagittarius the Just. One more from CafeAstrology:

Our faith can be tested, and we may be questioning our most basic of assumptions about life, initially not knowing who or what to trust. Until we adjust to this energy, we can experience a fear of the future, some dashed hopes, worries of public disapproval (an especially real concern with social media), and fear of being held back, limited, restricted, not free, or caged in.

Many will now experience a Saturn Return. More to come on that! To find out your Saturn sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here.

Mantra: I am in control


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